Official Facebook App Launches for Android

Wait no more, an official Facebook application for Android has been released. Though we've been making do with third-party Facebook applications for Android for quite some time now, we were always green with envy to see other smartphone platforms get official apps while Android got tossed to the side.

In the Facebook application for Android, users can check their news feed, view friends' walls and info, add friends, 'Like' things, post and comment on status updates, take and upload photos, and even check up to 125 friends' phone numbers. Neater features include a shake-to-refresh for the news feed and a notification widget that can be added to the desktop. No Facebook chat yet.

We're not the biggest Facebook users (twitter is our game!) so please share your thoughts regarding the official Facebook application for Android. The Facebook application for Android is available in Android Market for free.

We should note that there are some whispers saying that this Facebook app isn't exactly developed by Facebook. Though Android Market lists the application's developer as Facebook, the official web page of the application states that it wasn't developed by Facebook. Weird. Most likely, the application was developed by Google with Facebook approval.

Casey Chan
  • Force close on cupcake 15
  • works great for me!
  • Works well for me also.
  • It works great for me aswell
  • Works great - Blue is best Facebook app for Android so far.
  • I thought if you have HTC sense you wouldn't need one cause its already built in????
  • I was wondering the exact same thing!
  • Works fine for me, too!
  • works nice on my Eris, but should enable chat soon, or useless to me
  • Very good article. I was recently blogging on The Netflix Prize, which deals with the quality of the recommendation. However, conclusions are drawn primarily off of user ratings. People don't seem to bother rating on facebook, I know I don't. I wonder what correlations exist there...
  • I wish u could upload photos from your phone to your profile album
  • Facebook chat, sending messages, and viewing photos posted by other people rather than just being able to see peoples albums would make this app perfect!!