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NVIDIA partners with Acer, ASUS and HP for new 65-inch 4K HDR gaming displays that run Android TV

NVIDIA's stepping into the gaming display space, partnering with a bunch of companies — Acer, Asus and HP to start — to release their own version of a BFGD, or Big Format Gaming Display (opens in new tab). These 65-inch gaming displays are aimed at hardcore PC and console gamers who want a huge screen, and they have impressive specs like 4K resolution, HDR, G-Sync, 1ms latency and a 120Hz refresh rate. The panels are identical between the manufacturers, but each one will bring its own physical design and extra features in terms of audio, HDMI inputs, etc.

Interestingly, they also have a full-on Android TV experience built in.

The pitch is that the hardcore gamers will come to the BFGD for the best experience when they hook up their PC and play, but then when they're done with that and want to take a break they flip over to a full NVIDIA Shield Android TV experience:

This critically-acclaimed device, that before now was only available as a separate box, runs at up to 4K, in HDR, and has a whole host of apps and features. For streaming there's support for Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and many other key channels; for home and remote playback there's best-in-class Plex and Kodi support; for extra gaming fun there are Android games and exclusive conversions of classic titles, such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3; for remote PC playing there's GeForce NOW and GameStream; for relaxed user control there's voice-powered Google Assistant; and for future household tech there's SHIELD's Smart Home technologies.

So not only do you get the benefit of having Android TV, but you get the NVIDIA version of that — that means Amazon Video (in 4K HDR to boot), GeForce Now streaming and GameStream streaming. This is rolling with the same specs as a standalone NVIDIA Shield Android TV box, which is easily still the industry leader for Android TV boxes. A few other TV manufacturers have gone with Android TV for their default interface, but this is interesting to see as a value-add for something that is primarily focused on having the right specs for optimal gaming performance.

NVIDIA says that the Shield Android TV portion of the BFGDs is on the exact same software track as the standalone Shield boxes, and they will be updated at the same time directly by NVIDIA. The companies will be able to update their portions of the display firmware on their own terms.

Because this is a partnership deal, NVIDIA is leaving it to Acer, Asus and HP to make their own announcements about BFGD releases. So we don't know details about availability or pricing — the best we know is the "second half of 2018" right now. ASUS has announced that its version will be the ROG Swift PG65, but has no details beyond that (opens in new tab).

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Pricing starts at €∞. And we all know the "F" in BFGD doesn't *really* stand for "Format".
  • My exact response upon reading "BFGD"
  • It reminded me of the Quake gun (BFG10K)
  • I remember the first time I put all the setting to MAX on the Quake 3 on my PC. An echoing deep voice takes over the speakers " HOLY **** **** **** **** ****... ". I was like " That is f'ing awesome! Of course... that was few years ago. :-)
  • And the G should stand for Geforce or G-Sync, because if you have an AMD gfx card, an Xbox or PS4, what you're really looking for is Freesync..
  • I actually do have an AMD card, and a freesync monitor (which was naturally £200 cheaper than the exact same model with G-sync lol). I recently built a system for my brother with a1080ti... But I doubt he'll be willing to spring for one of these. They are cool though.
  • Your point being?
  • Probably that it's sad Nvidia doesn't support freesync which is actually part of the display port industry standard so they can charge you 200 dollars more per monitor. (Funny that they do support it on some laptops silently)
  • Yep. And also giving an anecdotal but real world example that this will be a very niche product, even for people who have the hardware to take advantage of it and don't balk at spending ridiculous sums on gaming hardware.
  • I think Xbox One X does freesync - no other console does though.
  • I thought it means Big ******* Gaming Display
  • That's a secret, shush.
  • Goodness..
  • If Nvidia thinks hardcore PC gamers will stick a 65" display on the desk then they are dreaming.
    One or two might try it but at the end of the day it's just not practical.
  • Take my money it'll fit on my desk... It will go fine with my 1080 ti I do have to question though why not just make it a 55" I mean really is that not big enough for a desk? LOL
  • No joke - why not start at 34 inches and go up to 40-42. That's serious void in the high end monitor segment - Nvidia could own that size outright!
  • Cos they are testing the waters. This is the one announced which means this is probably the largest they will do and then smaller. Why doesn't anyone th ink like that?
  • This is interesting except why on earth no use a decent display maker? Samsung and LG should have been on that list WELL before HP should have even been considered - HP makes garbage everything...and Acer? Give me this in a generation or two with a decent OLED panel that supports both Dolbyvision and HDR10 - a display port (for actual high end PC gaming) and then adopt free-sync as well as gsync. I also have to ask, where the heck is a decent 34-42' panel in the high end gaming space. I think if I were Nvidia going after a segment, why not go for one that's wildly underrepresented and "oh by the way" could actually sit on someones desk - 65" is waaay to big to not sit 8-10 feet back from... Also - everytime someone mentions the Shield games I go into a mad rage - each and every one of them looks and plays Awful....the worst offender being Resident Evil 5 on Shield...pure garbage.
  • The panels are the exact same no matter what the brand name is on the front. They're all made by AUO and have standards that they meet, then HP, Acer and Asus add their branding and other tweaks on top of it.
  • this is AWESOME. I "hope" the price isn't Too stupid. I will be ALL over this Next Black Friday / Cyber Monday when I can get the best price.
    I am using a 43" 4K TV for a monitor right now. it's Fantastic.
    Can't understand why Large Screen monitors are nearly non existent, and the few that are out there, are terrible.
  • It's Nvidia of course the price will be stupid, they are the kings of stupid prices along with Apple.
    A 43" may be fantastic but sit two feet away from a 65" tv and try and play a game, it virtually impossible.
  • of course you wouldn't sit 2 foot away from a 65" display...Captain Obvious....
    my 43" is about 35-40" away from my eyes.
  • Hopefully with GSYNC.
  • "These 65-inch gaming displays are aimed at hardcore PC and console gamers who want a huge screen, and they have impressive specs like 4K resolution, HDR, G-Sync, 1ms latency and a 120Hz refresh rate."
    you literally had to read as far as the second sentence to see that.... wow... I get TLDR, but seriously...