Naztech Power Bank with Adaptors

Some people, like myself, carry around at least one usb power brick with them so that they can charge their devices throughout the day. This effort is useless if you are somewhere without outlets or if you want to charge on the go. Thankfully with the use of the Naztech 10400mAh Universal Power Bank you can charge up to 5 separate devices at once and still have enough juice to recharge your devices again later.

When you take the Naztech Power Bank out of its box you will be greeted with the 10400mAh power bank. It is roughly the same physical size as other portable batteries with similar battery sizes, which means it might be too much to carry in your pocket but can easily be slipped into a backpack or purse. The added benefit of transporting it in a separate bag is that you can plug your phone or tablet into the power bank to charge and not have to see either of the devices.

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In addition to the Universal Power Bank you will find 10 different types of adapters that plug into an included USB cord. Most of these adapters are outdated, but there is a microUSB, miniUSB, and a 30-pin Apple connector included that will actually be useful for charging your devices. These all come in a zippered pouch so you do not have to worry about losing any of the small pieces when you're not using them.

On the front of the Naztech 10400mAh Power Bank you will find a microUSB slot used to charge the power bank, a button to turn on the battery, and 4 led lights that are used to indicate if the power bank is turned on and its charge percentage. On the rear of the power bank you will find 5 USB ports that output different amperages that range from 0.5A up to 2.1A.

After carrying around the Naztech 10400mAh Universal Power Bank for several weeks I found it to be the perfect battery pack to have with me in case any of my devices needed a charge while I was out. I was able to throw this small white brick into my backpack along with several microUSB cables and if my phone or tablet ever needed charging, I knew that I had a power bank that was capable of outputting my desired amount of amps to each device while also keeping multiple other USB ports open to charge any additional devices.

While most power banks are fairly similar, you want to make sure to purchase one that will hold up after multiple charges as well as one that will function properly when pushed to its limits. For only $44.95, the Naztech 10400mAh Universal Power Bank is a fairly inexpensive portable battery that will give your devices the juice they need to run all day and night.

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