MrMobile: The ZTE Axon M is a fun phone that you probably shouldn't buy

I have had more fun in my week with the Axon M than with almost any other phone of 2017. It's a crazy dual-screen clamshell, a half-phone-half-tablet that simultaneously evokes memories of the Nintendo DS, the ill-fated Microsoft Courier, and something you might see on an episode of The Expanse. But as far as Android has come since the oddball Kyocera Echo of 2011, it's still not flexible enough to make a "folding phone" that's not frustrating to use … at least, not one designed by ZTE.

Check out Android Central's first impressions, then come along as I share the surprising highs and not-so-surprising lows of the ZTE Axon M: a very fun phone that you probably shouldn't buy.

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  • I'll wait for the Samsung folding screen phones.
  • tried this phone out at AT&T store. it was terrible. felt like a cheap fisher price knock off toy, the split screen with a black bar in the middle is really bad. The phone is slow and laggy. The phone is an absolute dumpster fire.
  • The black line through the middle annoys me like the Apple iPhone X's notch.