In case you missed it, MixRadio has just been officially released for Android and iOS. It goes further with some HTC devices.

HTC and MixRadio has announced a co-marketing partnership that lets users insert MixRadio playlists into HTC's BlinkFeed. Want to see it in action? Check out our hands-on video using the HTC One M9.

MixRadio has integrated Mix notifications into BlinkFeed. Users get notifications of upcoming mixes. This happens when there are new mixes or if there are changes to current mixes. Tapping one of the mixes on BlinkFeed opens the MixRadio app and starts playing music from the playlist. MixRadio plans to include editorial pieces and other news in the future. They showed us a demo on the HTC One M9, but the HTC Desire range of devices will also be supported.

The MixRadio feed within HTC's BlinkFeed is going to be available by the end of May. Do you use BlinkFeed on your HTC device? Will you be adding MixRadio to BlinkFeed? Let us know in the comments!