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Minecraft Pocket Edition updated, brings long awaited survival mode

Mojang's Minecraft Pocket Edition got itself its first major update which has finally brought with it the long awaited survival mode. Survival mode also gets day and night modes, with night bringing about the appearance of monsters.

Besides survival mode, there's a selection of new blocks to choose from most notably doors and and fences. We also get the addition of flying into the creative mode, mobs with sheep and zombies being the first of these, and new tools serving different purposes such as digging and shearing.

This update will make a lot of Minecraft P.E players very happy. If you've still to try out this cult favourite hit the download links after the break. 

  • Hope they improve the AI of the mobs. They don't seem to really pursue you unless you are in front of them. Other wise great update. Keep them coming!
  • I must be out of the loop, because I don't understand all the hype Minecraft gets.
    I've tried it, just don't see the appeal.
  • I was happy when I saw the update last night. First thing I did was start a survival game and dig a home with a door. Now I will just play around and see what happens at night. The Endermen will be pretty freaky with only touch screen controls now. Hopefully we will be able to connect to online servers soon. That is always my favorite part.
  • still no crafting. which is more than half the game.
  • Still kicking myself for not picking this up during the 10¢ sale a while back. Thanks for reopening the wound.
  • I don't get this game at all. What is the point? Better look up a tutorial on youtube or something, because I have never seen any thing as over rated as Minecraft.
  • <3 the haters.. P. E. is like Minecraft lite.