Marshmallow's share jumps to 7.5% in latest Android distribution numbers

Google has released its latest update to the distribution numbers for each version of Android, with data that was collected on May 2. According to the latest numbers, Marshmallow's share saw a notable jump up from 4.6% in April to 7.5% in May.

Android May Distribution numbers

Google's data shows the previous Android version, Lollipop, went down slightly from 35.8% in April to 35.6% in May, but it remains as the version of Android with the most installs.

KitKat went down from 33.4% in April to 32.5% in May. Jelly Bean went down from 21.3% to 20.1% in the same period, while Ice Cream Sandwich dropped from 2.2% to 2.0%. Gingerbread went down from 2.6 to 2.2%. Finally, Froyo is still hanging on by a thread, totaling just 0.1% of all Android devices.

John Callaham