Infinite Arms mixes third-person action with real toys

Infinite Arms is a new title coming from Jumo, a game developer that includes veterans of games like Gears of War and toys like the Tamagotchi digital pets. Such a combination is fitting, because Infinite Arms is a toys-to-life game, much like Skylanders. You buy physical toys of the game's characters, which can then be linked to your mobile device for use in the game itself.

From Polygon:

The combat-focused Infinite Arms, when it launches, will be free to play, Yano says. Like many free-to-play games, it will feature microtransactions — except the way that Jumo is approaching monetization is different than other notable mobile developers. Instead of offering players cosmetic options or more playtime at a cost, Jumo is selling them toys. Actual, articulated toys.

The toys themselves will connect to your device through Bluetooth, and players will be able to add new weapons to the physical toys which will then show up on the digital, in-game versions. Right now, Jumo is only revealing two of the figures, Skorpos and Ixion, though more are expected down the line. The figures will be available through Amazon, and the game will have links to purchase more toys and parts.

Infinite Arms is set to arrive on iOS and Android this summer.

Joseph Keller