Incipio DualPro CF case for HTC One


Ranging from no case at all to heavy duty hard cases, some people's phones need more protection than others. The Incipio DualPro Carbon Fiber case for the HTC One is certainly pushing that higher boundary of hard cases, and it offers some serious coverage without hindering usability in the process.

It's a tough line to walk but we think Incipio has done it with this case. Read along after the break and learn a little more about the DualPro CF case for the HTC One.

In contrast to lighter and slimmer cases like the Lloyd Flex Case, the DualPro CF is a two-part case made for much higher protection of your device. The case comes as a soft rubber inner case with a hard plastic shell locked around the outside, which provides shock protection along a more comfortable surface in many places. The rubber comes through around the bezel of the screen, on the top and bottom by the ports and on the volume rocker.

Because the rubber takes off some of harshness around the edges, the hard plastic shell can be extremely durable. Even when it is off the device, you can barely get it to bend with your hands, which when paired with the rubber connecting it to the device will give you some serious protection. The carbon fiber inspired design also gives it a flashy look, especially in the silver version we have here.

The tradeoff of that protection is some thickness, and the DualPro CF certainly adds a bit of bulk to your HTC One. Thankfully it doesn't really change the shape or ergonomics of the device, but there will be a bit of getting used to the new dimensions with this case on.

The Incipio DualPro Carbon Fiber case for the HTC One comes in this silver color as well as black, and is currently available from ShopAndroid for $32.95.