Peter Chou

Heroic Timely Cyclist

What do you do if you're stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting on day one of Mobile World Congress? If you're HTC CEO Peter Chou, you might think on your feet and seek help from a local motorcyclist. According to the company's official blog, the HTC boss found his cab gridlocked in traffic on the morning of Feb. 24, when he was on his way to a meeting at the Fira de Barcelona. Determined not to miss his appointment, Chou instructed his cab to honk at a passing biker before asking him for a lift to the MWC venue. Ten minutes later, HTC's CEO arrived safely at the Fira on the back of the man's green Honda Scoopy.

But the biker didn't accept the cash Peter Chou was offering for the favor, and now Chou is determined to track him down and see that he's properly rewarded. So HTC is now trying to locate "a good-looking man, 45-50 years old, riding a Green Honda Scoopy with a yellow plate," between 08:24 and 08:35 on the morning of Monday, Feb. 24. If that's you, or you know who it might be, HTC wants you to e-mail or use the hashtag #HTCseeksBiker on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: HTC Blog

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