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HTC will offer customers the chance to get a limited edition version of its current flagship smartphone, the HTC One M9, with a casing that has a special design engraved on its back. The official name of this variant is the Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK, with a design that was created in collaboration with supermodel Jourdan Dunn and "ink-er" Cally-Jo Pothecary.

Pothecary talks about the inspiration for this design on HTC's blog:

Jourdan and I worked closely to pull the design together. She's a big fan of body art already and she knew the type of visual she wanted to create, and the images that would go into it. We also worked through what she wanted to say with the artwork and how it would reflect important things that she's excited about doing and being more creative herself—and to make it really personal to her. My particular drawing style was something that she loved so it was a perfect creative match, which resulted in a really unique and bold limited edition HTC One M9 INK handset.

HTC has yet to announce the release date or price of the Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK, but interested consumers can sign up to get email updates on its availability.

Source: HTC

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