HTC One M8 GPe

Update: Looks like the Google Play edition HTC One M8 won't be making its way outside of the U.S. just yet. In a statement issued to BGR India, HTC India says the Google Play edition M8 was "incorrectly" mentioned in its press release for today's Indian M8 launch. Instead it seems the Sense version of the phone will be the only one available in that country.

"HTC has clarified that the One (M8) Google Play Edition is not coming to India, and it was in fact incorrectly mentioned in the Indian launch press release. HTC says that it actually meant to reveal the global availability of the device and the announcement was not specific to India."

Original: Until now Google Play edition devices have been exclusive to the U.S., but that could be about to change. Multiple Indian media outlets are reporting that the HTC One M8 Google Play edition has been announced for sale there. HTC India has been hosting a media event to officially launch the regular M8 there, but the bigger news is this potential international expansion of the Google Play edition line.

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Source: BGR India,, @pankajparikh