HTC One M8

This weekend, through Monday, Feb. 16, you'll be able to save big on the the HTC One M8 directly from HTC. Sure, the HTC One M9 might be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean the One M8 is any less of a phone one year later. The discount rings in at $150, which brings the 2014 HTC flagship down to $499.00. And it's available for all colors on all carriers, so you don't have to go unlocked if you don't want to (or, you know, you're buying for Sprint or Verizon.)

In addition to the One M8 discount, HTC's also putting the HTC Re Camera on sale for the weekend, cutting it to $149.00 (from $199), as well as 50% off of HTC's cases, including the cool HTC Dot View case.

If you do go to buy, note that the discounts won't apply until after you've added the phone to your cart. Happy President's Day, Valentine's Day, or whatever else you feel like celebrating this weekend.

Source: HTC