Dark grey handset with on-screen buttons pictured in latest leak

Just as we're hearing news of the launch events for HTC's next flagship smartphone, Twitter leaker @evleaks has posted an purporting to show the successor to the HTC One contained in a case of some kind.

As expected, the "M8" appears to be a somewhat curvier version of its predecessor, complete with front-facing speakers and on-screen buttons. The band below the screen, home to capacitive keys on the M7, now serves only to display the HTC logo. Due to the nature of the leak we can't make out much else of the device, but we can clearly see out a volume rocker on the right edge, a power button in the top right corner and an opening for some kind of slot on the right edge. On the display we're seeing the same HTC Sense 6 image that leaked a couple of weeks back.

The image would certainly appear to show HTC's next big thing, but there's a lot we still don't know about the "M8" — one of the biggest mysteries being its apparent dual rear cameras. We'll be live from HTC's launch events on Mar. 25; until then share your speculation in the comments!

Source: @evleaks