HTC is now one step closer to putting Vive headsets on the faces of early adopters around the world. Users the world over are seeing the $800+ charge for the Vive hit their payment method of choice today, and that's causing a not-so-unique problem for some financial institutions. In some cases those charges are being immediately declined by fraud protection systems, and that means you're going to have to call HTC and sort it out.

Users who have had their Vive charge declined are being advised to call HTC at 888.216.4736 to sort out the miscommunication. Several users who have called already are warning that wait times are significant due to volume, but this looks like the most direct route to deal with the problem.

If you are a Vive early adopter who pre-ordered on day one, check your account and make sure you were actually charged for the equipment. Shipping is expected to start next week, and making sure HTC knows you'd still like to pay for yours is the only way to guarantee it gets to you on time.