We talk a lot — too much, really — about "flagships" when it comes to smartphones. It's become a diluted term for "phone that probably has good specs so we want to make it sound important." Such is the case with recent rumors about a dual-"flagship" launch from HTC later this month, happening in Japan.

Don't expect new global 'flagships' from HTC at a Japanese announcement this month.

Here's the thing — and it's a thing about which we've obtained a few actual details (which also lines up with precedent): Launches in Japan typically mean something to do with HTC's "Butterfly" line of smartphones, which is decidedly Japanese. And Butterfly in and of itself is definitely worthy of the overused "flagship" title. But it's also a regional thing. Get wind of a Japanese event from HTC? Expect Butterfly. Don't expect "two new flagships" in the sense that HTC might be globally rolling out two new phones for us all in a couple weeks. That's not what's happening. (Nor should you expect to see the rumored "Aero A9" there, either.) Instead, look for tweaks to a couple of existing devices, most likely. (And the Butterfly 3 has been official in Japan for a few months anyway, so you can ignore "Butterfly 3 is coming to Japan in September!" headlines. But you can look for this.)

Same goes for any talk of an HTC-produced Android Wear device on Sept. 29. It's not happening. At least not then, at a Japan-only event.

Update Sept. 21: That part where I said to expect tweaks to a couple of existing devices? That's being corroborated by a consistent (if not always 100 percent correct) HTC rumor-monger.