As part of our Android History series, we sat down with HTC America President Jason Mackenzie to talk smartphones, Google, HTC, design and software, among other things. Having played major roles at HTC's American business since 2007, Mackenzie has a unique perspective on his company's journey over the past eight years -- including its founding role in the Android world, and major new projects like HTC Vive.

You'll find a seven-minute cut of the interview in the second part of our Android History series, however the full 45-minute extended interview is well worth a watch. And you'll find it in its entirety down below.

(Ed. Note: This interview was recorded before the recent announcement of the HTC One A9)

The early days of Android

From the HTC G1 to the Motorola Droid, from Android 1.0 to Cupcake, the early days of Android saw rapid iteration and wholesale change in the smartphone landscape. Read up on it all in our comprehensive Android History series.

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