HTC 10

Good news, everyone! HTC still makes phones! The HTC 10 is coming on April 12 in an online-only event, but we've been getting teasers for a little while now. Some sort of new speaker system. The promise of an outstanding camera. That's icing on the cake, right? It's the meat and potatoes that can really make or break a device these days.

So do this. Think back to the HTC One M7. And the M8. And the M9. There's been a lot of good that have come from those three phones. Outstanding audio quality. Some great (OK, and some not quite as great) industrial design. Live pictures long before Apple ever did it. One of the first to introduce video highlights, created on-device, just as soon as you hit the shutter button. HTC was ahead of its time in many ways. And in others, yes, it stumbled.

So what do you want to see in the HTC 10? Let us know in the comments. We'll round up the best responses and share with the class. Clock's ticking. Get to it!