We were admittedly disappointed when we noticed that the HTC 10 was missing the line in the settings to let you know which Android Security Patch was installed. It didn't make the phone any different, and the good things about the 10 were still the same good things (and likewise with the not-so-good) but it just feels like that's one of the things we all should be able to see and check. Having the patch date displayed didn't make anything better, but it did let us know when the last update was and if we needed a new one.

HTC has changed that policy, and you can see when your HTC 10 was last updated with the latest patch.

HTC 10 all patched up

While it's tempting to get silly and make light of this, we shouldn't. Whether or not you take the security of your private data seriously enough to make sure you have the latest patches for your phone, we do. It's our job to care. There are other easy ways we can check when the phone was last updated, but having it displayed with the rest of the software information makes it easy for the average user. Google designed it this way — they want you to be able to tell if you have the latest security "fixes" they provide. Hiding that means most people weren't likely to know.

We're not sure why HTC originally decided to not display the patch date, but it's no longer an issue, at least on the 10. Thanks for that, HTC. Little things mean a lot.

HTC 10


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