HTC 1 -- anything else would be uncivilized

Have you ever thought about what your Android dream phone might look like? There’s no doubt that HTC has an amazing lineup of state-of-the-art devices, but how could they improve? A man named Andrew Kim has put a lot of thought into this, and came up with a concept design he’s titled the HTC 1. And folks, it’ll knock your socks off.

A clutter-free, simplistic interface mixed with a sleek and sexy chassis adorned with chrome accents seems to be what he’s going for here. Andrew’s vision also includes a sincere minimalistic version of Sense that only seems to add to the professional image he’s constructed. SMS messaging all happens inside one application, and all of your favorite social network clients are merged into one, providing the user a powerful texting solution. If things couldn’t get any more awesome, the HTC 1 is even equipped with an integrated UV light that illuminates whenever it's being charged, warding off any bacteria that may have collected on your handset. Unfortunately, there's a slim chance to none that we'll ever see this phone in the flesh, but maybe after this they might consider it.  Heres hoping.  [Design Fabulous via Engadget]

  • This is a beauty but I'm sorry to say that my mind is on my Evo and its shortages and the Froyo delay. Sorry!
  • This HTC 1 should not be made by HTC, if anything it fits the styling and unique designing of Motorola.
  • Motorola are you serious? do you work for them? lol
  • How ironic....
  • You also forgot, that bottom part, the one with the red dot...yeah, thats the "Kickstand". Amazing, classy looking alarm clock. I wanted this Yesterday! Please give this to me!!
  • My Droid DOES feel filthy after looking at this
  • I might be in a minority here, but this thing looks gross to me. It is something Apple might come up with. An iPhone 5 or something. I really like multiple buttons at the bottom (home/menu/back/search). Can't live without them now.
  • Did you checkout that link to Design Fabulous! I was put off as well just seeing the image on this page but seeing DF, especially the UI. WOW..
  • But look how thick it is, it's like going back to the old PDA days of 3/4 inch thick bricks. Nasty. And I prefer the current Sense UI. That definitely has a more interesting design but I like to pack my homescreen actual information.
  • Agree,
    Looks like an iphone wanna be to me. A dedicated back button is a must. The only dedicated button I don't use a lot is the search.
  • I'd take WebOS gestures over a back button any day. My dream phone would run Android, have WebOS notifications and gestures, Samsung Epic 4G internals, and this phone's external design.
  • I agree, this looks like something Apple would do, trades away way too much functionality in the name of style. The clock/homescreen looks awful, and I'm still not a fan of non-replaceable batteries. The UV light sounds like a gimmick, unless the phone is in a reflective box it isn't going to get to much of the surface.
  • OK, where do I pre-order this thing? How long does the battery last?
  • I looks nice, beautiful even. The two issues that pop into my mind after seeing the full details on Design Fabulous are: It's a bit thick. Cool kickstand but what kind of case could you get for such a design? Anyway, cool concept.
  • Very sleek looking! I can see a definite appeal to the business person.
  • I'm not really sure if I like it. The exterior design is great, but the simplified interface design strikes me as too dumb-ed down. This seems more like a feature phone than a smart phone. I'm sure this is the next step in mobile phone evolution, but I really hope form doesn't come before function here. We have Apple for that.
  • to be honest it looks more like a new microsoft zune design...... i'm not diggin chrome either would be nicer if it were a dark titanium trim. Also, wouldn't mind having a bigger camera lens in the back for better quality pictures and a camera flash. although it looks very slim and well thoughout i wouldn't buy this phone if it were out for sale, that's just my honest opinion.
  • also if it has a chrome finish it would mean that when you have the phone outside it is going to be shinny and blind the hell out of your eyes.. because that's the purpose of chrome to be shinny.
  • I'm a big fan of Bang & Olufsen audio gear design, which this reminds me of. I love it and I would pay full price for this beauty.
  • Remember the pics are a render. I think it is to thick. Also looks like its dumbed down. For starters, it should keep the 4 usual buttons, back, menu, search, and home. Or maybe display them on the screen. It would actually be cool if the bottom of the LCD, you could customize 4 buttons to put there or something like that. Having one button is to iPhone. I hate the iphone personally it just doesn't appeal to me, maybe because I don't really use my phone as a MP3 player or play games on it. I also am not a fan of how apple practices business. Anyways we don't need shiny chrome metal to show we have a slick phone. Look at the orig Moto Droid, a good amount of that phone is metal but black. It gives it a quality durable feel.
  • "SMS messaging all happens inside one application, and all of your favorite social network clients are merged into one" Sounds like WebOS to me.
  • Some interesting ideas, but it's another device from the Steve Jobs school of form over function. A one button interface is just stupid. One of the reasons Android devices work better than the iPhone is because of multiple buttons. The Treo, with its "antiquated" 5-way control was easier still. The designer also seems to follow the "I know what's best for you" school of thought (just like Jobs). Merging all my "social networking clients" into one isn't necessarily a good thing. Let ME choose what I want to integrate, and what I want to keep separate. Personal devices should conform to the user. All these fancy "designers" think the other way: their designs are pure and perfect, so the user should be forced to conform to them. Sorry, but no taker here.
  • Holy Hell that's a beautiful phone!
  • This would be a good design to incorporate LED type buttons for the 4 at the bottom like on the Evo that light up through metal (look at the sleep indicator on the macbook pro). I read somewhere that similarly designed capacitive buttons got patented a couple months ago. I know it works on aluminum bodies anyway. Not sure about chrome but a cool concept I would like to see on a phone.
  • This looks exactly like the zune HD ui. The device it's self looks like the HD. Look up some pictures. Not sure how I feel about this The reason I like android, really, is because it's NOT simple.
  • it looks like an iphone. i'm expecting something more htc..
  • I need buttons. The heck with all this reliance on touch screens. Sometimes a guy needs physical buttons to have a sense of control. This is one of my areas of complaint about HTC. They're steady moving away from control options for the user experience.
  • Nice looking phone. That's something that could compete with the industrial design of the iPhone. The working model will have to have a better touch screen to compete with the sensitivity level the iPhone has. That's my biggest gripe about the Android phones. The iPhone has a wonderful touch screen that's very sensitive to input. Android phones aren't so good.
  • Yeah I definitely agree, it's a great looking phone, but has that iPhone look. Change up a couple of things to distinguish it a bit more, and it would be an even better looking phone. As for the touch screen, if they made one better than the iPhone, I would definitely be on board!
  • Awesome design and I would definitely buy, but please lose the one button "Iphone" mentality. Make it look like the Icredibles button layout and optical joystick. Why you might ask, because I don't like the circles around the Evo's capacitive buttons.
  • When are people and companies going to realize there is no **SINGLE** dream phone. Your dream phone is not my dream phone, and my dream phone is not your dream phone. This is an option, a beautiful option, but just an option when trying to choose the best phone for you. Only Apple fanboys would be so arrogant to say that their phone is the "dream phone" that everyone should have...
  • I can tell this was designed by a Mac person. No one else would call it a "logic board."
  • This kid goes to my school (College for Creative Studies)....he was a product major freshman this past year, and I have to say...he is design brilliance at it's best. He's had Coca Cola ruining after him for one of his bottle designs! I saw his name in this article and my jaw dropped lol...great design Andrew! :D
  • I think it looks cool. Bring it on.
  • The UI looks like a cross between iOS and Windows Phone 7 to me, and does seem a little too simple. I like the kickstand idea, and the speakers. Not so sure about the UV light (wouldn't that be either ineffective or hazardous?). Good point about the Legend and Desire though!
  • wow thats pretty awesome!!!
  • Me thinks HTC took a liking to this concept!
  • 33 months later… the HTC One!
  • The HTC One looks so much better than the concept HTC 1. I completely agree with the title of this article.
  • Its lockscreen reminds of windowsphone:
  • He got the name right... almost.
  • Yeah, he is the man who saw tomorrow.
  • holy crap