HTC 1 -- anything else would be uncivilized

Have you ever thought about what your Android dream phone might look like? There’s no doubt that HTC has an amazing lineup of state-of-the-art devices, but how could they improve? A man named Andrew Kim has put a lot of thought into this, and came up with a concept design he’s titled the HTC 1. And folks, it’ll knock your socks off.

A clutter-free, simplistic interface mixed with a sleek and sexy chassis adorned with chrome accents seems to be what he’s going for here. Andrew’s vision also includes a sincere minimalistic version of Sense that only seems to add to the professional image he’s constructed. SMS messaging all happens inside one application, and all of your favorite social network clients are merged into one, providing the user a powerful texting solution. If things couldn’t get any more awesome, the HTC 1 is even equipped with an integrated UV light that illuminates whenever it's being charged, warding off any bacteria that may have collected on your handset. Unfortunately, there's a slim chance to none that we'll ever see this phone in the flesh, but maybe after this they might consider it.  Heres hoping.  [Design Fabulous via Engadget]

Adam Sawyer