HTC's got its own unique way of doing lock screen widgets

The Android 4.2 update for the HTC One brings new features galore, including lock screen widgets, now a standard Android feature. But HTC's doing things a little differently in this area, and if you don't know where to look, then you might overlook it completely.

Once you've got your HTC One updated to Android 4.2 — the update's rolling out now in Europe and Asia — you'll need to head to Settings > Personalize > Lock screen style and choose the new "Widget" option at the end of the list. From here, you can choose a single lock screen widget to go at the top of your lock screen. That's right, unfortunately you can't scroll through multiple pages of widgets like you can in stock Android.

So if you were looking to access a plethora of widgets without unlocking your phone, you may come away disappointed — but single widgets work just as well as they do in the stock OS, including the ability to expand (but oddly not close) your lock screen widget.

HTC isn't offering any of its own lock screen widgets in the 4.2 update, most likely because many of the Sense apps can hook directly into the existing lock screen templates (e.g. "Productivity," "Music," "Gallery"). However you do get the usual selection from Google, including Gmail, Google Now and Google+.

For its part, rival Samsung has its own way of handling lock screen widgets that's perhaps even more confusing.