Guerrilla Games director discusses Horizon Forbidden West on PS5

Horizon Forbidden West Key Art
Horizon Forbidden West Key Art (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

During the PlayStation 5 showcase The Future of Gaming, one of the high-profile exclusives revealed was Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games. Today, Guerrilla has shared more information on this ambitious action-RPG, including the release window: the team is aiming to release Horizon Forbidden West sometime in 2021.

Other noteworthy details include how the game will take place from Utah to the Pacific Ocean. There's hidden underwater areas, dozens of new machines and new human tribes. A collapsing biosphere is inducing a red corruption, destroying wildlife as massive, out-of-control storms rage. Due to the PS5's SSD, there's essentially no loading times for this vast world.

We'll continue to share more as more updates on this game are revealed.

Samuel Tolbert

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