Come up with your own wildly colorful concoction to keep your One safe

Who said a phone case had to be boring? HTC has now started to offer HTC One owners the chance to build their own custom Double Dip case with a variety of color options for you to choose from. Some bright, some not so bright. 

Six colors, three parts of the case to customize, and you can be as wild or conservative as you like. One you've created the case of your dreams, it'll cost you $29.99 to have it sent out. It's no Moto Maker, sure, but it's a nice touch if you're not so fond of HTC's own creation

With the HTC One being a year old at this point, though, we'd perhaps have liked to have seen something like this a little sooner. If you're interested though, hit up the source link below and go nuts. 

Source: HTC