Matias DuarteYou might have heard us (erm, OK, me) gush on occasion about certain aspects of Palm's webOS user interface. Now let us (erm, me again) gush a little about Matias Duarte, who has left Palm and is now User Experience Director for Android. And he's a friendly face among the Android leadership, having worked on the Sidekick with Andy Rubin when they were both still with Danger.

Some of you prefer the stock Android UI; others prefer Sense or (gasp!) Motoblur and TouchWiz. But we'd love to see the stock Android UI revamped.

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In fact, we'll even go so far as to throw out this completely unsupported opinion: Now that Android's getting things together under the hood in Android 2.2 (and we're still expecting more before the end of the year), perhaps this move will bring a fresh UI to Android sometime next year. Stay tuned, folks. [All Thigns DEngadget; via PreCentral]