Google Maps, Drive, and Contacts receive quick-switch gesture

What you need to know

  • Google has added a new quick-switch gesture to Google Maps, Drive, and Contacts over the past couple of weeks.
  • The new gesture allows you to quickly swap between your Google accounts by simply swiping up or down over your profile photo.
  • The most recent app to receive this feature is Google Contacts starting with version 3.8.3.

Google has been slowly rolling out a new feature for all of us out there who use multiple Google accounts. The new feature is a quick-switch gesture, which allows you to swap back and forth between your accounts with a quick swipe up or down over your profile photo.

Not only is this fast, but it is super convenient, and intuitive. No longer do you have to tap on your photo to bring up the account switcher and then tap on your account.

The feature was first spotted a couple of weeks ago by Android Police in the Google Maps app. Not too long after, it appeared in the Google Drive app. Now, Google is rolling it out to its Contacts app with version 3.8.3 of the app.

The update should be available for everyone via the Play Store, but if it hasn't arrived for you yet, you can always download the latest version from APK Mirror.

There's no telling which app will be the next to snag this handy little gesture, but I know I'm hoping it will be Gmail, and something tells me I'm not alone on that. Gmail is by far the app that would benefit the most from this, but Google still hasn't even added a dark theme for the app.

Hopefully, we'll be seeing both features added to one of the most used apps on our phones soon.

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Jason England