Tactical shooter Firewall Ultra announced for PS VR2

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What you need to know

  • Firewall Ultra is an upcoming tactical shooter from First Contact Entertainment.
  • The studio announced Firewall Ultra for PlayStation VR2. 
  • It will utilize eye tracking, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and other next-gen features.
  • PlayStation VR2 does not currently have a release date.

While PlayStation VR2 may not be on store shelves just yet, we're continuing to learn about more games coming to PlayStation's virtual reality system. In addition to Horizon Call of the Mountain, players will be able to enjoy Firewall Ultra, a tactical shooter that developer First Contact Entertainment describes as a "live-operated first-person multiplayer shooter."

Its short reveal trailer shows gameplay and non-game cinematics captured in-engine. The online multiplayer portion of it will require players to have an active PlayStation Plus membership. 

Coming exclusively to PS VR2, Firewall Ultra takes place five years after the original game with players assuming the role of contractors taking on deadly assignments. Because of the power of the PSV VR2, First Contact Entertainment says that Firewall Ultra will take advantage of eye tracking, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, 4K HDR, finger touch detection, and foveated rendering with a 110-degree field of view. 

According to the developer, maps that players are familiar with have been overhauled for Firewall Ultra, with remade character models and new areas to explore. Weapon customization will also go much further this time around.

Players will now also be playing on dedicated servers, unlike Firewall Zero Hour which used peer-to-peer. This should mean that connections will be more reliable and consistent for everyone. And with community feedback in mind, a new PvE experience has been added to the game. 

First Contact did not reveal when Firewall Ultra will release, and PS VR2 similarly does not have an official launch date. The community is expecting the system to launch sometime in early 2023, but nothing has been confirmed. 

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