Among Us VR is getting a giant new map soon

Accusing the imposter in Among Us VR
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What you need to know

  • Polus, the second-largest map in the original Among Us, is coming to Among Us VR in 2023.
  • Players can vote on the final name of the map before it launches.
  • Patch 4 is coming to the base game and includes "highly-requested features."

Have you been playing Among Us VR for a while and are getting bored with the single map in the game? Never fear, because developers Schell Games are working hard on a second map that's planning to launch sometime this year. This map is based on Polus from the original Among Us game, which is the second-largest map in the game — Airship being the largest there.

In the meantime, you can cast your vote here to help decide the final name of the VR version of Polus. Like the Skeld map that launched with Among Us VR, Polus will differ slightly from the original map while still holding true to the feel and theme of the original. While Schell Games wouldn't comment on new tasks for Among Us VR, the original Polus release included 12 new tasks that crewmates could complete while playing.

But, before the new map lands, patch 4 for Among Us VR is close on the horizon and brings with it several "highly-requested features," including lobby customization options. If you want to check those out early, head over to the Among Us VR Discord and register to take part in the beta release.

Here's a smattering of some of the new options included in the patch:

  • Hands visible
  • Chat enabled (multiple options, not just on/off)
  • Number of emergency meetings
  • Visual tasks
  • Taskbar update frequency
  • Anonymous voting
  • Ejections show roles
  • Kill cooldown
  • Crew vision distance
  • Imposter vision distance
  • Number of long tasks
  • Report bodies toggle
  • Door sabotage toggle
  • Sabotage cooldown

As you can see, a bevy of options are being added and should liven up the usual game flow quite a bit. Schell Games says these new options open up over 9 billion customization configurations.

Among Us VR has been one of our favorite Quest 2 games since it launched in Fall of 2022 and has sold over a million copies, with the developers saying that over 44,000 people play it every day. It's also coming to PS VR2 but is not a launch title, so expect some time after the PS VR2 launches later this month. Check out the teaser trailer for the new map below.


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