Froyo and HTC Sense hacked on the HTC Desire, long before Christmas

BAM!  this is what we've all been waiting for since we first saw Froyo and Sense 2.2 running on the HTC Desire.  Android wizard udk over at xda-developers has released the first version of a Froyo-based HTC Sense ROM.  Before Evo and Incredible users get too excited, there's the little problem of a Froyo capable radio image, so don't even think about trying to flash this.  But for all you folks using the Desire, what are you waiting for?  Just be sure to come back with tales of wonder -- and pictures.  In the meantime, work has already begun getting this ported over to the Nexus One, and I'm sure the capable Incredible and Evo developers are hard at work to satisfy the CDMA bloodlust that's sure to spring up. [xda-developers] Thanks Max!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • It's tempting, very tempting. I really can't say I know much about how these things work, but I quite like my warranty and I'm guessing that'd disappear if I flashed a new ROM onto the phone.
  • I do sometimes wonder why HTC/Motorola don't just hire these guys to update their software...
  • Yeah, no kidding. What a difference that'd make. I'm guessing they're very fond of their quality assurance testing, which is probably the whole reason behind the epic hold-up.
  • Yep. The little bugs that we (more advanced users/hackers/android geeks) will tolerate just won't fly with the handset engineers. They like different bugs lol.
  • We call them features. :)
  • that way you can charge more....
  • That's the same thing I asked yesterday. The development community is outstanding and best of all, FAST! These guys should be gettin PAID for all their hard work...
  • Anyone know what clock widget that is in the screen shot?
  • It's just one of the HTC clock widget options that comes on 2.1 Sense UI that's on the Desire
  • These companies employ developers that get paid for this work. Of course they'll tell their bosses its going to take time. Who works faster for less pay?
    These aren't hobbyists.
  • its funny how these devs get things done soo
    fast than HTC themselves talking about how
    long it takes to port to different android devices
    ...great job devs...
  • And the reason these guys aren't hired by phone company's to do this is beyond me.
    I believe it is a great sales pitch for a manufacturer to tell the world the can port anything Google throws at them in mere weeks.
  • Lol wouldn't be surprised to see this hacked for CDMA before the weekend.:-)
  • There are still a few things not working - Know issue:
    * There are not wallpapers
    * Some times the geolocalization could not work well
    * It's possible that some times the device reboot for unknown reasons And I doubt more than 2% of HTC's customers would be happy with the long procedure to update. I guess that's some of the reasons why an official update takes longer time to prepare.
  • can someone hit me up with the link to the background lol? IT looks sooo sick
  • Same reason I came to post, saw the wallpaper. lol
  • "Before --EVO-- and Incredible users get too excited, there's the little problem of a Froyo capable radio image, so don't even think about trying to flash this." go on and take that out of the post ;)