Friday Fun: Google CEO Eric Schmidt Caught Using a Blackberry!

We don't know about you guys but we like to let loose a little bit on our Fridays. So here's a bit of Friday fun. Take a look at the picture above, it's a shot of Google CEO Eric Schmidt taking a picture with a Blackberry. Not a lovely G1 or a sexy myTouch or even a beautiful Hero but a Blackberry. Where's the Android love from Google's own CEO?!

Maybe he's doing dutiful research on the competition but it's pretty sad (and hilarious, of course) that Google's own CEO isn't using the smartphone platform that his own company puts out. We're thinking that Schmitty (can we call him that?) is a dual-wielder, carrying both Android and Blackberry handsets, but really hoping that he's just taking a picture on a friend's Blackberry. Yeah, that must be it. It can't be his. Say it ain't so.

*cross our fingers*


Casey Chan