First look at the Parrot RNB6 in-dash system running Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Finally a 3rd party infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Parrot came to CES 2015 with more than anyone had expected. Instead of announcing a new quad-copter or a jumping vehicle, Parrot showed off an in-dash car infotainment system. This system, codenamed RNB6, is a lot more than any third party in-dash unit that you can install in your car.

The RNB6 runs a custom built build of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Systems like these that have custom forks of Android are fairly common but what makes this unit special is its compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means that no matter what operating system you or your passengers use on your mobile phone, your car will always be able to connect to it and use the car focused features that Apple and Google envisioned.

The RNB6 is a 2-DIN infotainment system so you will have to make sure you have that amount of space available in your car's dash to have the system fit properly. Additionally, the system can connect to your car's OBD2. With this, the in-dash system can integrate itself into the car's speakers, radio, climate control, tire air pressure sensors, and anything else that your car might have equipped.

The final addition that the RNB6 brings to the car is a dashcam. This can be mounted behind your car's rear-view mirror so that it is not a distraction to the driver but where it can still be in an optimal location to film the road as you drive in case of an accident.

Parrot did not release any pricing or release date for the RNB6 except that it will be available on the market later in 2015. As someone who does not plan to buy a new car anytime soon, a system of this caliber is perfect because it would be an effective way to upgrade my 2002 Toyota.

Justin Duino