Leaked image reveals design similar to last year's HTC One

Rumors have been circulating for some time surrounding HTC's next flagship phone, the successor to the almost year-old HTC One, however until now we've yet to see anything concrete of the hardware of the purported "HTC M8." Today we're getting what's very likely our first look at HTC's next flagship phone, courtesy of an image posted on Twitter by Russian site The shot above shows a design very similar to last year's HTC One, the M7, with a one major, intriguing difference — dual rear-facing cameras.

There's one camera in the usual place, and another further along the top trim. The top camera hole seems slightly smaller than the bottom one, though that doesn't necessarily suggest anything about its hardware characteristics. There's also a dual-LED flash setup next to the larger of the two. However none of this tells us what HTC might have planned on the software side to take advantage of dual rear cameras — presumably something besides 3D imaging, which HTC and others flirted with in 2011.

A couple of other subtle differences are apparent — no Beats Audio logo (that we can see), and the tiny rear mic has switched sides too.

While it looks a lot like someone just added a couple extra holes to the back of an HTC One, sources familiar with the device tell us this is indeed a legitimate image of HTC's next big thing. And it's also backed up by recent remarks from serial leaker @evleaks, who this week tweeted that the M8 is "strikingly similar" to its predecessor.

To sum up: HTC's next flagship phone seem to be — in appearance at least — very much an HTC One. If true, that's not at all a bad thing. And seems the company has some interesting camera plans to succeed the M7's unorthadox "Ultrapixel" shooter. In any case, the previous HTC One was one of our top devices of last year, and we'll be watching with interest to see what the company brings to the table in 2014.

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