Do you turn your phone off at night?

As smartphones have matured and become more powerful over the years, use habits with them have also changed. We stream more video content than ever before, play a ton of extra games, and don't have to worry about charging overnight like we once used to. Along with this, a lot of people seem to be on the mindset that there's no real need to turn phones completely off anymore.

I can remember doing this with my first couple of phones, but it's not something I've done in the past few years.

Our forum users recently got into a discussion about whether or not they turn off their phone at night, and most of them seem to be on the side of not turning off their device.

No moving parts, nothing to wear out.. I never turn mine off except on planes on long hauls.... However, if it makes sense to you, then turn it off by all means :-) :-)


I put mine on airplane mode. I'm a light sleeper, so will always look over at it on the charging pad to see what the time is on the always on display (and to find out if I still have those precious few hours left in bed until the alarm goes off!)


I have no landline so my phone is always on in case there's an emergency call. Even aside from that consideration, I wouldn't go to the trouble of shutting it down daily. My DND settings prevent the phone from ever ringing for any caller who's not on my contact list, and I trust my contacts not to call at unreasonable times.


With that said, there are still some folks who do make use of that power button.

I turn my note 8 off every night. Allways turn off my mobile phone, someone wants to get in contact with me, they wait till morning, lol. I use one of my old BlackBerry phones as my alarm clock.


Yes I turn mine off after 8 PM. I need a break and so does everyone else. However, I do have a land line and a computer. I need to resolve to turn the computer off after 8 PM too. Life is so much less frantic when you turn off the technology imo.


How about you – Do you turn off your phone at night?

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