A few years back when phones weren't nearly as powerful or capable as they are now, one of the things that everyone seemed to do was get big on customizing their ringtone/notification sounds. Whether it was with pre-installed tones or ones you could buy through your carrier's clunky mobile storefront, ringtones used to be the thing.

Now in late 2017, that's changed for a lot of people. I can't tell you the last time I actually cared about what my phone sounded like when I got a call, text message, or new Twitter notification, and for quite a few of our forum users, they seem to be in the same boat.


Stock Ringtones are fine with me... Just need to know you've got a phone call, right?


I've noticed more and more when I'm out that quite a few people don't bother with changing the default notifications & ringtones anymore. Yes, there are exceptions like a friend of mine who has custom ringtones and text alerts for everyone, but that seems to be the exception these days.

Mike Dee

I don't care as much about ringtones....most custom ones are obnoxious


On the other hand, there are still a lot of folks that make time for these customizations.

B. Diddy

I can't remember the last time I used preinstalled ringtones, because they're almost universally lame -- and I include iPhone ringtones. Especially iPhone ringtones.:'( I just find a sound file online and download it to the /Ringtones directory. You actually don't have to install Zedge to do this -- just do a Google search for a particular ringtone or sound file you want. If its in Zedge,...


Oh good god no. The stock ringtones are terrible. I get all of my ringtones and notification sounds from Zedge.


I'm not a fan of the stock ringtones either. I changed all mine. I customize the ringtone for my gf, my sister and some family and that's it for that. I customize SMS tones for my gf, sister, and a few good friends and everyone else gets a standard ring. Then most apps get their own notification sound from Viber to Voicemail and everything in between. I can say I don't think I used more...


What about you – Do you still customize your ringtones and notification sounds?

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