The death of bezels isn't as great as you think

I've been lucky enough to use an LG G6 for the past three days, and it's great. The phone is well-built, it's fast and stable, the extra-tall screen is wonderful, and it's compact. So compact, in fact, that LG claims it fit a 5.7-inch phone into the same physical space as a typical 5.2-inch device from another company.

LG claims it fit a 5.7-inch phone into the same space as a typical 5.2-inch device.

How LG did this remarkable thing was by removing as much of the excess area around the LCD panel itself — typically known as the bezel — as possible, increasing the so-called screen-to-bezel ratio. The way the company pulled this off is quite ingenious, too: instead of sticking with a typical 16:9 aspect ratio, which forces the phone to get wider as the screen gets taller, it changed it — to 2:1.

The G6's screen is exactly twice as tall as it is wide — 18:9 — which gives LG more breathing room to distribute the phone's necessary parts while minimizing overall space. Everything that needs to be in the phone is still there — it's just up higher, instead of wider.

So we're left with a relatively narrow phone that has almost no bezel above and below the screen. This has proven popular with the vocal group of people who have decried that particular reality of phones since touch screens were invented, and based on the response from the release of the Xiaomi Mi Mix late last year, and the rumored near bezel-free Samsung Galaxy S8, the G6 is in good company.

I foresee a few days of unintended screen touches and awkward readjusting.

But buyer beware. I've been using the phone for the last few days, and all isn't perfect in the world of infinity. For a long time, bezels existed out of necessity, as a way to hide various components underneath. We're moving away from those physical constraints, so if bezels are to continue to exist, they need to be there for a reason. And not having them on a device like the G6 makes it pretty clear why they exist, aesthetics aside:

  • On Android, bottom bezels force your thumb to rest at a natural point above the pinky, which rests underneath the phone in a cradle. Without that extra space, the pinky is thrust out to allow the thumb additional room to move lower, which either stretches the tendon or compromises the hand's grip on the already-slippery device.
  • The lack of bottom bezels also make it difficult to grip the phone from the bottom, as I enjoy doing while reading an article or watching a video in portrait mode. Granted, this isn't a common occurrence, and I could merely wrap my hand around the phone, but I've always found gripping the bottom between thumb and forefinger a comfortable and stable way to hold a phone for long periods without tiring. On a device like the G6, the virtual buttons are so close to the bottom that such a grip isn't possible.

These are not game-ending issues, and in the few days with the phone I've already grown accustomed to the new form factor. But I foresee, for early adopters of the LG G6 and Galaxy S8, a few days of unintended screen touches and awkward readjusting. I also wonder whether, after years of criticism against bezels, the industry is overcorrecting by eliminating a necessary tenet of phone hardware that people don't realize they need merely because it mars the aesthetic.

One way to mitigate this problem is by ensuring that devices with slim bezels are not too wide, so they're relatively easy to grip and manipulate with one hand. The 5.7-inch LG G6 is just narrow enough for my thumb to reach from one end to the other without strain; the 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rumored to have a similar 18:9 aspect ratio, may be slightly too wide.

The end of bezels is surely coming soon, but there may come a time when we yearn for the simpler days of having a place to grip, and a respite from the endless screens we spend all day staring at.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Yes it affects usability, even with my s7 i still have problems with my hand touching the edges when im doing thing on the phone with one hand. And no, my s7 isn't the edge model..
  • Weird, I didn't have that problem with the S7 edge.
    Mine was in a case from day 1 though.
  • I have that problem too, with the standard S7 when it's not in a case. I thought I could ditch the case and just go with a dbrand skin. It looks awesome, but the fat part of my hand below the thumb keeps touching the screen. I put the case back on and the problem goes away.
  • although it is unlikely, I hope the Note 8 returns the home button and buttons in the bezel
  • Unlikely is an understatement.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • Doesn't make it more likely...
  • The 6 months I spent with the s7 edge were beyond frustrating. It would constantly detect accidental presses made by my palm, and often wouldnt swipe because my palm was toughing the edge. Couldn't find a screen protector that worked with the edges either which was a problem because the edges were so exposed. And before 'that guy' comments; congratulations on not needing a screen protector, you are so awesome.
  • I have the same problem with my palm string the edge when I reach across the screen with my thumb. I dont see myself getting another edge in the future.
  • Did you guys use the 7 Edge with a case? I had the same issue and found it went away once I put a case on. Also on the Note 7, which had a much steeper curve, I didn't have this issue with or without a case.
  • I have an s6 edge. Didn't use any case before. But while doing oil change lying down my pound slipped or something fell in it and I cracked the screen. Have the s view case on the new one. Works find and good protection. Dropped from my hands several times, without any damage.
  • Agree. Even a very think case solves the problem of accidental touches on the S7 Edge.
  • UAG case on my new S7 Edge protects the edges, is light and grippy in the hand. Highly recommend this case for the S7 Edge.
  • Bezel-less phones are already out of style. The return of the physical keyboard is where it's at!
  • Google Pixel devices looks better than the LG G6... So I guess much bezels ain't bad
  • All in the eye of the beholder. Personally I think the Pixel is one of the least attractive phones on the market. The chin it has at the bottom is way too big and the glass cover on the back is not only ugly, but also very impractical considering how quickly it gets scratched. It's a great phone, but the HTC 10, OnePlus 3t and other metal phones are a lot nicer in my view.
  • I agree completely on the chin part. I like the G6's look WAYYYY more than Pixel. Though it's fair to say I really like the G6's look ;)
  • Sure it does, if you like the look of iPhones.
  • To each his own. To me, the Pixel looks like a cheap, Chinese iPhone clone.
  • Yeah, it's not a looker... At all
  • Eww Posted via Android Central App
  • No way. Honestly though, I don't care what a phone looks like, but i think the Pixel is one of the ugliest phones (still don't like that glass back).
  • The Google Pixel is nothing more than a bootleg iPhone wannabe. It's sad the direction Google is going with it's poor products.
  • I have accidental touches on my phone now. I wouldn't want one with no bezels.
  • I would love an updated HTC Touch Pro2. I don't understand why thin is in.
  • Because that is the way society has taught us. Thin is in.... No fat shaming. ;)
  • Agreed! Phone was amazing for the time.
  • Of course it's a poor choice for usability (and imagine how those issues will be exacerbated on a device like the s8 with the curved screen). Trimming bezels is fine and even preferable in some instances, but there's a limit before it moves into form over function territory.
  • I thought it was a good idea to have a lesser Bezels, but I was completely wrong when I had a S7. It was frustrating and annoying to use it. There is a reason why there's such amount of bezels on the phone. Leave it there.
  • Top/Bottom bezels getting smaller is fine with me, but I want side bezels, even if it is only a few mm, so I can put on a case that will protect all edges, and by proxy the screen as well. This is the main reason I will not be getting the S8 with the edge screen the only option.
  • This exactly.
  • And that's exactly what made me swap the frankly fantastic S7 edge for a Moto Z Play. A swap that most people would consider unthinkable, but I cannot be happier with. The S7 edge just frustrated me to no end. Grip it on the top bezel and the screen goes dark, grip it from the sides and trigger the screen accidentally, grip it from the bottom bezel and trigger the capacitive buttons, clamp it from the edges and block the speaker ....Place it on any surface, it slides off it. Jesus.
  • Edges are annoying but since i put a case on it, i touch them less but u still need to manipulate. Now, when a friend touches your phone, he will ALWAYS do something with the edges, activate random apps as a results :D I've bought Mate 9 and i gotta say, as for now the S7E looks like a toy next to it, speed performance Mate 9 eat it alive, camera is for now the only major area where S7 takes all cards.
  • Why such a downgrade in soc? You could've gotten the z or z force. Did you save any money? Posted via Android Central App
  • Honestly speaking it took me over 4 days to take the decision, given the compromise I'd be making ....Or so I thought Look, the fact of the matter is fairly simple, the Z "feels" just as fast, if not faster than the S7 on everyday use (I don't game). As I mentioned in another article, the only noticeable compromise I did make is on the camera department. I still have the S7 edge (Exynos) and using them side by side the Z is faster and more accurate to recognise my fingerprints.
    When I press on the home button, the Z is much faster (without modifying any settings on either phone ).
    Opening apps is a tie between the 2 as some apps are faster on either and most are the same.
    Gaming is monumentally faster on the S7e by magnitudes.
    The Z lasts almost twice as long than the already awesome S7e battery.
    The android experience is so much cleaner on the Z,but that's subjective.
    There's lag on many of the built in Samsung apps, which does not happen on the Z. I guess what I'm trying to say is: I know it is a downgrade, but doesn't really feel like one. I paid ~$280 for the Z Play, since there was a discount. The Z has a dreadful battery life so I never even looked that way.
  • Thank you for this. I've always felt like the "no bezel" crowd is the vocal minority among enthusiasts who completely ignore pragmatism.
  • These changes aren't coming because of enthusiasts. They're listening to their customers. People want larger screens housed in smaller bodies.
  • Exactly. People want bigger screens, but most phablets are already difficult for people with normal sized hands to hold and use comfortably.
  • I still want a phone with top & bottom bezels like those on the Nexus 6, as long as the OEM sticks speakers at least as good as those on the N6 skwar in the middle of each of them thar beezels.
  • Yeah bezels on the N6 are pretty awesome!
  • A lot of improvement can be made with software (smarter touch rejection) and in design, Get rid of the 2,5 D glass and actually have the frame of the phone rise above the screen around the edges. this would also help with screen scratches.
  • Raised edges is actually how phone screens used to be until the iPhone came out and everyone praised the smooth edges of the glass.
  • I prefer some bezels over none...Sure it looks cleaner but in terms of comfortably and use, you need something to there. Same can be said about thin phones, sure they look nice but I prefer having something practical to hold and use, thin phones require a case while moderately thin or average thick phones can go without one.
  • A few years ago, everyone complained that phones were too thick. Well, they got their wish, at the cost of battery capacity. Now bezels are the new enemy. Be careful of what you wish for, folks. Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...
  • My sentiment exactly.
  • Most really were too thick and they had smaller batteries than today's phones. Posted via Android Central App
  • I kind of hope that user response to all of these super-slim bezel flagships are released this year is negative so that manufacturers give up on it. I don't like holding or using phones with minimal bezels, and I think it's kind of an annoying aesthetics-over-function trend. I don't want bezels to be minimized; I want them to be used, particularly for front-facing stereo speakers.
  • If all smartphones get rid of the bezel I guess I'll be going to the Nokia 3310
  • I don't think it's entirely down to the smaller bezels causing the usability issues, It's a combination of smaller bezels + larger and heavier phone, the tall form factor, and the stupid slippery glass back. The LG G2 had relatively small bezels and I had no problems using that, in fact it was the most comfortable and ergonomic phone that I have ever used. Using a grippier material for the back would help. Once you get phones that are too large for your hands then bezels become more important.
  • Yes, the LG G2 seemed to me to be the sweet spot for bezel size. Not too big and not too small. Posted via Android Central App
  • So waiting for the Note 8. Someone Leak something about ittttttttttttt
  • In regrards to both your bullet points about why the bottom bezel is so important and how losing it will result in accidental screen interaction. You clearly have never used any Galaxy line phone as the bottom bezel exists purely to house the home button and capacitive back and menu buttons. There is zero space for you to rest your thumb or grip the phone from the bottom between your thumb and forefinger without pressing any of the buttons. So removing the bezels from the S8 wouldnt effect users who are used to Galaxy devices as they should already be used to not touching the bottom edge of the phone at all unless interacting with it.
  • It didn't get rid of bezels at all . it has just just little higher screen-to-body ratio the LG G2 from 2013 - 78.6% vs. 75.9%. Mi Mix has 83.6% screen-to-body ratio and Huawei Mate 9 has 77.5% screen-to-body ratio, so it is disappointing it is not higher. I thought it will be better than Mi Mix looking at marketing campaign :(
  • The mi mix is 91.3% ratio.
  • At GSMArena it says: "Size 6.4 inches (~83.6% screen-to-body ratio)"
  • Yep, the bigger you go with screen size, the greater screen to body ration you get as the bezels do not need to increase in size.
  • I don't mind bezels. Just wanted something on them like speakers. If they're going this route, robust palm-rejection and a curved back are a must.
  • I'm sure Daniel will change his mind once the iPhone becomes bezel-less and declare them the best thing evs.
  • I look forward to Apple inventing a bezel-less device! That would take a great amount of courage!
  • You win the post of the day award!
  • Personally I felt using the S7 Edge with a case got rid of 90% of my mis-touches. I would assume the same should work with the S8.
  • Glad I'm not the only one not in love with the push for no bezels. I much prefer function over form within reason. Give me a slightly thicker phone and better battery life. My phone doesn't have to look absolutely gorgeous. Its more of a tool than a fashion accessory.
  • Or at least it should be!
  • I don't know. I like it when my phone matches my watch and shoes....
  • I'm more of a tool than a fashion accessory 😂
  • Speak for yourself. I want a beautiful, thin phone with sexy curves :). It's as much of an accessory as a it is a tool.
  • This is why I think that Xiaomi has the right idea with nearly bezeless phones.
  • And what idea is that?
  • When I watch a video in landscape mode, my fingers are touching the sides and back of the phone. Never once I've held the phone by the top or bottom bezel to watch a video in landscape. I've owned many phones that had minimum bezel so I have experience on holding them. I would say top and bottom bezels are dumb, having some side bezel is fine.
  • Whereas I hold the back and top and bottom of the phone when holding in landscape. Just shows what unique and beautiful snowflakes we all are.
  • The bezel police will be coming after Daniel for sure.
  • Does adding a case solve the no bezel \ accidental touch problem?
  • Mostly yes
  • Yup. Using it right now.
  • I Hate bezels. I Want a phone that is just one big screen.
  • I always wondered about how realistic having a phone with zero bezels would be. Maybe women and dudes with smaller hands could get away with no bezels but my meat hooks needs some bezel.
  • Since 'MOST' people put cases on their devices, random touches shouldn't be an issue.
  • Surely it wouldn't be too difficult to redesign the digitizer and add software to manually or automatically create black or case coloured pseudo bezels (for want of a better word) where these side and bottom areas are non responsive until you need the screen size. I guess adding a hardware button for this could be a useful manual switch.
  • I hate bezels and buttons and screens. They all stink.
  • Everyone has their preference and opinion. I knew what I was getting into when I bought the S7 Edge (obviously by just looking at it) so for me to complain about it makes me look dumb. I love the way it looks. There are trade-offs but I knew this. The note 7 improved on things but.... So, if you prefer bezels, great- but don't knock those of us that appreciate the lack of them. I've learned to use mine without any touch issues. I've found glass screen protectors that actually work. Again, everyone has an opinion- what works for me doesn't work for you- and that's OK because it's not a right or wrong issue
  • Couldn't agree more. I've always wondered why ppl would want less room to grip the phone tightly... You would almost need to disable touch at the edge of the screen, or have some smart software to know when you meant to touch it (not accidentally).
  • I've said this before and I'll say it again. I don't mind bezels because it's easier to get my thumb to touch the bottom of the display.
    I won't be getting a G6 or an S8. I'm happy with my HTC 10 so I'm likely not upgrading this year, but my eye is on the XZ Premium if I do(Canadians get the fingerprint scanner and competitive prices).
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that a bezelless design is not a logical decision, the bezel makes the body of the device, and can you imagine alot of accidental touches if no bezel was there?
  • Then why are you buying a G6? You'll be part of the reason they keep this design.
  • The LG G6 is not Bezelless, what seems almost Bezelless is the Galaxy S8/S8+. The LG G6 still has a bezel and it's a flat design at that.
  • I think Samsung is kind of missing the point of having less bezels (same goes for Xiaomi but the Mix is a concept phone so they may be forgiven). In my opinion, the point should be for the screen to remain basically the same (anywhere between 4.7" like on the iPhone to 5.7" on the Note phones) whilst the phone itself becomes smaller, not make the screen bigger and keep the same footprint overall. But rumour is that the S8 will come in 5.8" and 6.2" varieties which are far too large for most people. It doesn't matter if the phone has a smaller footprint than it would otherwise, you still need to be able to reach across the screen with your thumb. Of course, there are people who want 6.0"+ screens but they really are the minority. LG's G6 with its 5.7" should be the maximum for a mainstream device and slightly smaller wouldn't hurt either. Of course, the biggest concern is probably the battery size but phones are getting thinner and batteries larger not to mention more power efficient SoCs so I don't think that's a major stumbling block.
  • Just search on google images.. Sharp Aquos Crystal 2014. Mi Mix is a copy
  • And that's related to what I just
  • Phone manufacturers who minimize bezels just need to improve on palm rejection so gripping the phone normally does not result in accidental taps or swipes.
  • The screen size is more of a problem than the minimal bezels I think. 5.7 inch and 5.8 inch displays are way bigger than what 80% of people can handle in 1 hand. Most people don't have thumbs long enough to touch the top of a display that big. I think the top 2 manufactures (Samsung and LG) will catch a lot of criticism this year from consumers and have to shrink their displays next year.
  • I get your point, but most people... well at least the ones i see out and about and work with use two hands. But like i said, i get your point.
  • I first realized this issue when owning a LG G2. I was accidentally hitting the screen all the time with that near zero bezel on the sides. Additionally, I had a hard time gripping the phone for games or videos. Luckily, it was very compact and easy to manipulate. These larger phones aren't so easy to hold in that same manner... Especially with cases! That's why I like the pixel XL bezels. Using the phone is easier with them and I noticed my hand doesn't cramp when playing a game now. So I started playing way more sky force :)
  • I year for the days where cell phones did not exist and if you were out and missed a call...oh well.
  • That's crazy talk.....shhhhhh
  • The tiny bezels on my Nexus 6 is perfect. But if I have to get a phone with far less then so be it.
  • Nexus 6, no problem with accidental touches :)
  • I'm with you Daniel, bezels are a must.
  • A majority here are for bezels, but it seems that the manufacturers think otherwise because they need something "new" to make sales goals. It's all $$ driven folks, if they released the same phones as last year they'd be out of business, but instead they're telling us how great the new designs are...nothing more to it than that. Thanks, but I'll be hanging onto my regular S7.
  • You do know that the s7 edge out sold the flat 7 3 to 1 . The few phone geeks here on AC don't like bezeless phones but numbers don't lie the general public see it differently
  • And the ones I know would have bought the regular screen if they had to do it over again. But in the end, thanks for proving my point, people fall for gimmicks just like this bezel-less craze.
  • And all those people had two weeks to return it buuut they didn't hum interesting
  • Likely because despite the edges they felt they couldn't do with less screen real estate and needed the larger battery. That's why I bought an edge and most people I know bought the edge over the regular 7. Larger battery and larger screen. Had that been available in a non edge variant that would have been a bigger seller IMO. These edges are a real pain in usability and are much more fragile.
  • Really? Give me a break. People call whatever they don't like, a gimmick. I call it Android, where we are together but NOT the same.
  • Two problems with that statement; 1. That still means millions of people bought a non-edge phone. Meaning there is a big market for it. 2. The edge had better hardware - a bigger battery and a bigger screen are quite attractive to some people. So comparing S7 to S7E sales aren't really apples to apples.
  • Diversified, multi-billion dollar businesses will go out of business due to not selling phones? If Samsung can still turn a profit last quarter despite one of the biggest screw-ups in recent memory, somehow I think they can survive if the S8 doesn't meet sales expectations.
  • Are you in corporate? Do you know how it works? You wouldn't last very long there if you presented last year's phones (which won't be anywhere near outdated judging by this year's releases) for a new year roll-out.
  • It's funny how all the tech writers think normal users are clamoring for thinner bezels. It's the tech bloggers that go gaga for the thin bezels, and always have.
  • "Normal user" here. Thin bezels are fine with me, because it lets the manufacturer use a bigger screen in a smaller footprint. I'm not very interested in curved-edge screens, however.
  • I don't mind some bezels but too much (pixel, iPhone, sony) just makes the phone look ugly.
  • As I read some of these post about how some of you don't like the direct that Samsung and some other are take with bezeless phones. And I think back to when the first note was released. Many of people probably some of you thought it was the dumbest thing since the pet rock . Seven years later and now everyone want a bigger phone . Don't even get me started on on the frist adaptors thought of the S pen . You same folks thought Samsung was crazy for building a glass phone in the s6 ,4 years later now everyone wants to build a glass phone next iPhone will be glass , wireless charging, and super AMOLED display, 3 years ago you very folks here on AC thought the note 4 edge was the dumbest thing said it'll never catch on haha well flash forward s6 edge and s7 edge out sold there flat counter part 3 to 1 . Guess it's a good thing for Samsung they don't read the post on these tech site. In business 101 you prioritize ,intervate, create, or you die.
  • Bezels can also be used to house front facing speakers (something that is missing from nearly all the 2016 phones out there and continues to be missing in the 2017 lineup announced at MWC).
  • C'mon, the G6 doesn't get rid of bezels, it just has smaller bezels than other "flagships", like the iPhones/Pixels. It's screen to body ratio is only a few percentage points greater than my note 5, which I have zero problems handling. I am fine with very thin bezels. It's no bezels at all, like the edge series where accidental touches and fewer choices for cases/screen protectors become an issue in my experience.
  • Good point about the screen to body ratio. Especially as you are adding some "bezel" back as soon as you use the home screen buttons. Granted these will disappear when watching videos, but when doing something productive they will be there providing an "on screen bezel".
  • Are you f***ing serious? When the Pixel came out they complained about the bezel. Sony comes out with even bigger bezel and they say nothing. Then they complain about not having enough of a bezel. Android Users will never be satisfied.
  • You noticed that to that's what AC means (always complaining). And yet all the while the general public could care less. They will buy the s8 in the millions just like they will the new iPhone 8 with its small bezels . Funny how that works
  • So your saying most Android users are complaining about bezels? Not from my experience they aren't. Battery life yes, bezels no.
  • I'm guessing that's because there is a wide user base of Android device users? Some don't like thin bezels, some don't like big bezels, some don't like medium bezels? Good thing there is an option for all bezel preferences lol.
  • I've always said this. Nerds scream "TOO MUCH BEZEL NO BUY!!!" Manufacturers release razor thin bezel: "TOO LITTLE BEZEL, ACCIDENTAL PRESSES, PALM REJECTION TERRIBLE, INSTANT RETURN. FAIL!!11" Nobody is ever happy.
  • Everytime I see someone write that they're fine with large bezels I laugh out loud ( trying to justify that Pixel purchase aren't we). Just two years ago the complaints were the exact opposite. Tomorrow Daniel could follow up with an article about his change of heart on thin bezels, and some of the sheep on here would fall in line in agreement. LOL
  • That's why you make multiple models. Same core (Soc, battery, camera) just a different body/screen design. People who don't like bezels buy that one, people who do buy the other. Until you're at a point where 90% of customers want one style it makes sense. Heck, if you sell enough units even a 10% interest could be worth catering to.
  • LG just needs to find something that works design wise and stop changing it every other phone. The G4, G5, and G6 all different. Oh and make sure this one doesn't bootloop like most of their recent releases.
  • what if bezel-less phones have accurate accidental touch detection, do people still want bezel? Has bezel completely eliminate accidental touch? Don't blame the bezel for bad palm/unintentional touch rejection. or how about a phone with a folding bezel (fold out from the back) for people to hold on to? haha p.s. i hate bezel
  • I'm actually more amazed no one's called out the fact that the screen's not actually rectangular.. it's got fairly large rounded corners on the screen... Which means apps that put things in the corner (or like the Camera app) will have stuff cut off. The S8 does this too. Bizarre... As for thin bezels the Samsung Tab S2 has very thin bezels and I'm constantly accidentally moving icons around or tripping page step. Very annoying.
  • This round corner fad is already tired. Who asked for this, exactly?
  • Thank you for making an article about this. This is what i believe in, based on human anthropometrics and experience. Im really sorry but i think it's really shallow for humans to neglect function and comfort for sake of aesthetics.
  • 18:9 is also too thin. Way too few words on a line. Most games are designed for 16:9 so either miss a bit, get black bars or get squashed. Personally I prefer 3:2 or certainly wider than current phones.
  • I love big screens, but I don't have the biggest hands, so I've always used two hands anyway. One to hold the phone, one to use the phone. I'm not keen on the Samsung edge thing but I do like the smaller bezels. I think the G6 looks great.
  • So people get excited about this for years and when companies fulfill your wishes niw you think about the ergonomics issues that are obvious from the beginning. Let's hope they tweaked their software perfectly
  • People don't know what they want anymore. Phones get ripped for having a noticeable bezel, then complain when a phone has no bezel. People complain about specs not being the best then whine about battery life. Then there's the camera folks who want a movie studio grade camera but then whine about pricing. These forums sound like political town hall meetings.
  • Alternately the iPhone has wayyyyy too much bezel.
    The footprint of the iPhone 7 plus vs the S7 edge is fairly noticeable.
    Then you put the iPhone in a case and it's just absolutely a massive of a phone while the screen size is the same as the S7 edge
    And it's also heavier than the S7 edge by about 2 oz
  • Let's face it the iPhone and pexel phones are butt ugly .
  • But both beat Samsung phones in real life performance.
  • Haha nice try but I'll give the iPhone the edge only in opening games . Apps and Webb browser goes to Sammy and I have yet to see one test on YouTube where the pixel bezel phone out perform the S7 Edge in any test . Nope sorry zero test . If you do find a test on YouTube where the pixel bezel phone is faster link it haha
  • not really what I'm getting at. My point is that there has to be balance between small bezel and huge bezel. The iPhone clearly having too much and the G6 possible not having enough.
    My S7 edge to me had the right amount of bezel but mine was in a unicorn beetle case since day but people who don't use cases complain about lack of bezels on the sides.
  • Any cheap thin case on a s7 edge fixes any unattended touch . It's just that easy . The ones that complain about that either don't own the phone are don't have a case on it ...And that's the facts . And why wouldn't you have a case on a 800 phone in the first place. Right now I'm using the case from my holster and it's crazy thin all I need is grip . My s8 plus will be rocked the same way thinnest case I can find
  • Those iGrip rings that people attach to the back of their phones are expecting to make a huge sellout these year.
  • This is why I got some crap slung at me for railing on the HTC One (M8). I abhor nav buttons on-screen because they make things much less pleasant. My biggest hatred in using my LG G2 (for Pokémon Go only) is that I put it upside-down in my pocket a lot (for the battery saving mode). Taking it from my pocket, I often have the awful Google Now turned on for no reason, as my thumb slides on the on-screen Home button. I wouldn't touch the HTC One on WP8 because of this. I was extremely unhappy with Microsoft for moving nav buttons on the Lumia 950 to the screen as well. I've missed my 920's ample bottom bezel, where I could happily hold the phone without any finger or wrist weariness. That's out the window nowadays, and this is a secondary benefit of the KEYone I didn't really consider at first---that physical keyboard might make holding the phone more comfortable.