Mobi Products Extended Battery Fit Skin Case for HTC ThunderboltHTC 2750mAh Extended Battery w/ Door for Thunderbolt

We've got not one, but two deals of the day for you this fine Sept. 27. First up is the official 2750 extended battery for the HTC ThunderBolt. That's nearly double the stock capacity, and it's original HTC manufacturing, so you can be sure of the quality. And we're also offering up the Mobi Products extended-fit skin case for the ThunderBolt. It's specially designed to fit the ThunderBolt while it's wearing its extended battery (and extended battery door), features an anti-dust coating and has cutouts for all of the ports and buttons.

The 2750 mAh extended battery is available today only for $34.95 -- that's 56 percent off -- while the Mobi Products extended-fit case is available in gray for $14.95. Get yours while supplies last!