The Darkest Days are ahead of us in the latest Population: One event

Population One Darkest Days Event
Population One Darkest Days Event (Image credit: BigBox VR)

What you need to know

  • Darkest Days is the latest 10-day event, starting January 28, which will cover the battle zone in perpetual moonlight.
  • Players can expect 9v9 battles including 4 new gun skins to unlock.
  • BigBox VR is also teasing the upcoming Season One for Population: One.

Population: One players better get their night vision goggles handy because perpetual darkness is about to envelop the entirety of the battle zone. Darkest Days, the latest 10-day special event from developer BigBox VR, will set the stage for never-ending midnight in Night Mode. That's sure to challenge players in an entirely new way and switch up strategies that have become too familiar in VR's most popular battle royale shooter. The best accessories for your Oculus Quest 2 will keep you extra comfortable for that extended Darkest Days playtime, which runs from January 28, 2021 until February 7, 2021.

Population: One players can take part in War Mode, which pits 18 players against each other in 9 vs 9 matches. The new Night Mode will force players to change up their usual strategies, as it will be far more difficult to simply spot players on the horizon and make your way over to them. That also means it's going to be a lot easier to hide when the going gets tough. Throughout the event, players can unlock four new gun skins, no matter what player level they might be. You may also want to be on the lookout for what BigBox VR calls "a special guest" roaming the streets.

BigBox VR has also been teasing the upcoming Season One for Population: One which, presumably, will add in tons of new content. Whether or not this means new weapons and skins or entirely new battlegrounds is anyone's best guess, but it looks like they're planning on making this the biggest event yet. Much like the last few events from the company, we expect to hear more about Season One after the Darkest Days event has ended.

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