Cox Cable unleashing Android app, but it only works in three markets (updated)

Cox Cable (a cable TV, Internet and phone provider for a good many of us) is poised to roll out an Android application that will work in conjunction with its DVR boxes and television service. The app will be available to everyone at launch, but only customers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Hampton Roads (Va.) will actually be able to use it at first. (Hey, Cox, need a beta tester in the Gulf Coast market?)

And speaking of Cox, remember that Cox-branded HTC Hero we showed you a few months back? We're being told Cox's mobile service isn't dead, but it's been put on hold while some billing and software integration issues are being worked out to make sure things go smoothly. Can't blame 'em for that. 

Update: We're finding out a little more here. The reason that the app will only work in three markets at first is that there's some office work (isn't there always?) and firmware updates that need to be done on boxes before things will play nicely together. The Oklahoma City market is said to be in the midst of upgrades and may have access to the app in the next month or so, and other markets will follow.

Phil Nickinson