Congressional committee meeting to discuss privacy in wake of recent nude leaks

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A congressional advisory committee will be taking the initial step Thursday to discuss the legal ramifications of protecting Internet privacy. Prompted by the recent hacks resulting in the leak of nude photos of celebrities like the high profile case involving actress Jennifer Lawrence, the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee will be discussing the topic of privacy and the legal remedies against hackers, websites, and those partaking in revenge porn.

In a session titled "Jennifer Lawrence's Hacked Photos: A "Sex Crime?" The Legal Underpinnings of Digitally Exposed Private Images and What Congress Needs to Know" the advisory committee, which is comprised of members of the private sector and is not a government body, will be asking what remedies, if any at all, ordinary citizens will have against people who hack, leak, or peddle private photos.

To engage the public and gain coverage, the committee will be using the hashtag #exposedphotos on Twitter, so be sure to join in on the discourse tomorrow.

Source: Advisorry Comittee to the Congressional Internet Caucus; via CNET

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