HTC One camera

One of the biggest questions about the new HTC One? The camera. It's just tough to wrap your head around a 4-megapixel main camera in 2014 — especially when the front-facing camera shoots at a slightly higher resolution (when shooting 4:3, anyway). It's just one of those weird quirks about an otherwise excellent phone.

The real proof is in the pudding, however.

In real-world use, we've found the new HTC One camera to be quick to focus, which is good, because that focal point is still mighty important, especially when it comes to lighting. The original HTC One struggled outdoors, with images often being blown out in sunlight. That's less of an issue now, thanks to software improvements and a new camera module, but there still are instances in which the camera seems to be overwhelmed.

All in all, we're looking at a pretty capable camera here. Not the best all-around camera, perhaps, but one that's filled with features and the capability of producing some pretty compelling shots. Have a look: