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Best Case Picks from Spigen for your S10, S10+ & S10e

The future is here. Samsung revealed the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e models today and Spigen is ready to protect these expensive machines with premium cases. This year, their lineup includes two new additions and all are now ready to order on Amazon. (S10, S10 Plus, S10e - links below)

Here's a look of their two latest, Silicone Fit (opens in new tab) and their best-seller but with a brand new design, Neo Hybrid (opens in new tab).

New phone, new design

Silicone Fit (opens in new tab)

Spigen has finally launched a silicone type along with their Galaxy S10 Case Collection - Silicone Fit. It's taken a while but frankly might have been worth the wait. It's got a premium soft feel and a grip that's necessary for droppers out there. The inside is even softer so no worries there for protecting the glass back. A simple black is currently the only color option so it looks like a good fit for those wanting a minimal black look.

Neo Hybrid (opens in new tab)

Neo Hybrid has always been an Android fan-favorite for the amount of style that it packs in a slim but protective frame. And now, it's got a new look. The back is redesigned for better grip while areas around the camera and the base are reinforced for more durability. It's available in 4 colors for all models.

Sleek or Classic

Rugged Armor (opens in new tab)

Spigen's best-selling Rugged Armor and Ultra Hybrid are no doubt great options for those that prefer minimal design or an all-clear option. Rugged Armor is probably their most popular case of all time because of its classic matte black look with timeless carbon fiber detailing.

Ultra Hybrid (opens in new tab)

However, for those that want to simply keep the look of the case, Ultra Hybrid is likely your best bet. The edges are flexible and shock-absorbent while the back remains completely resistant from yellowing since it's made of a hard but clear material. It's absolutely great for showcasing the intended beauty Samsung had in mind in the simplicity of the device.

For extra drop protection

Tough Armor (opens in new tab) & Slim Armor CS (opens in new tab)

For droppers, durability is key. Galaxy S10 is made of glass so no doubt, accidents can happen.

Tough Armor and the Slim Armor CS are both constructed with protective layers, one for shock and the other for scratch resistance. And surprisingly, for its level of drop defense, it's nowhere close to being bulky or heavy like its competitors. Its ergonomic, dependable but best of all, functional. The Tough Armor comes with a kickstand that mounts in landscape mode while the Slim Armor CS comes with card storage that slides to fit up to two cards.