Beat the gloom by putting Isabelle in Doom with this mod

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What you need to know

  • An unofficial mod for the original Doom adds a new companion: Isabelle from Animal Crossing
  • Isabelle can toss you health packs and even attack enemies.
  • The mod was designed for GZDoom for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but should run on Deltatouch for Android, too.

For months, players have been dreaming of the possibilities of an Animal Crossing crossover event with Doom, and now that dream has become a reality. Thanks to the quick work of modder itsmeveronica on the GZDoom forum, Isabelle can now be your bonafide companion in this enhanced version of the original Doom. Isabelle will follow you around any world you load up, tossing health packs out while simultaneously blasting enemies with confetti explosions. If you'd rather Isabelle just hang out and watch, you can even ask her to passively follow and enjoy the lurid entertainment that follows.

Developers of GZDoom describe the project as "a family of enhanced ports of the Doom engine for running on modern operating systems.". That's important since the original Doom was released in the early 1990s and probably won't run correctly on modern operating systems. GZDoom is one of the three versions of ZDoom and is designed to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based computers, and supports advanced rendering techniques that simply weren't available when the original Doom was released.

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You can download GZDoom here. Modder itsmeveronica also says the port should work just fine on Deltatouch for Android, another port of the Doom engine that is able to play maps that modders create, as well as the levels from the original Doom (although you'll need to have purchased the original Doom separately to get those).

This bizarre mashup started months ago when Doom Eternal was delayed, placing the release on the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizon for the Nintendo Switch. Players imagined what it would be like if the Doom guy were a bit more human, teaching Isabelle how to fend for herself against the onslaught of demons. Isabelle, in return, has taught Doomguy how to be a great friend and, thus, the mashup of our dreams has finally come true. Enjoy this gem while you're hanging out this weekend!

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