Telegram drops an update, adds topics in groups, Voice-to-Text, and new emoji packs

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What you need to know

  • Telegram's latest update for Android and iOS brings in a few new features alongside minor improvements.
  • Users can interact with Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, and Premium users can take advantage of Voice-to-text for video messages.
  • Telegram has also brought in quality-of-life upgrades such as text resizing for Android, swiping left to reply to messages, and animations.

Telegram has rolled out an update for Android and iOS that brings in features focused on improving the user experience on the platform.

According to a Telegram official blog post, the platform's latest update is bringing in several features and minor improvements to the app to further make your time there more enjoyable.

The new update begins with Telegram's new Topics in Groups feature. Communities on the messaging platform can become quite large, and this new feature allows those places with over 200 members to separate things by enabling topics. Group admins can do so within the group settings, and this brings about some more clarity and organization for larger communities so certain topics can take place in their own designated areas.

Telegram is also launching Collectible Usernames, a way for users to give themself multiple aliases' for chats and accounts. The messaging service explains that these new collectible usernames function much like the ones that exist already. They will appear in search results and will have their own unique link whenever you're looking to share something outside of Telegram.

Telegram introduces Collectible Usernames.

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However, where these new handles are different is Telegram has removed the character limitations, meaning collectible usernames can be under 5 characters. Users can then do with their new username as they please: they can trade it, keep it, or just hold on to it for whenever they feel like using it.

Telegram explains that users can buy and sell their collectible usernames through Fragment, however, this platform is not currently available for those in the U.S. Additionally, this new form of username is backed by TON, a secure, fast, and scalable blockchain network.

Users can also deactivate any of their collectible usernames, which will remove them from search results but not from your possession.

Another major feature Telegram has introduced is Voice-to-Text for video messages. This is an expansion on a feature Telegram Premium members currently have where they can work in reverse order, turning their voice into a text message. In Telegram's efforts to add convenience for users, a simple tap of a button will transcribe a video for you to read rather than watch.

This update also sees Telegram offering its users more ways to express themselves with new emoji packs. The platform states that its artists have created 12 new emoji packs ranging from a Shiba set to quirky Ghosts. Telegram goes on to inform that Premium users can use these new emojis while also having them available to display as a status.

Telegram introduces several new emoji packs.

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So we can continue being our expressive selves, the update also brings in four new interactive emojis that will play with full-screen effects for one-on-one chats. These new emojis can also be used as reactions to messages, as well. Even though Telegram is a bit late, there are also three Halloween reactions that all users can take advantage of to be used in any chat.

Telegram brings in some quality-of-life improvements.

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As we step back to digest the latest features and content, there are a few quality-of-life improvements. Telegram's latest drop includes a few minor improvements beginning with its design elements. Users can now swipe left on a message to reply to it directly. Tapping on a user's phone number will offer a few calling options in a new menu as well as new pulsing placeholders for your eyes to watch while messages load in larger settings.

Users on Android are being treated to a text resizing option. This new function will resize the text of all chats and includes link previews, reply headers, and other text elements.

Lastly, the messaging service has also touched up its dark theme for iOS users, allowing the colors to appear more balanced along with improved blur effects.

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