Linktree launches a new mobile app for a better creator experience

The New Linktree Mobile App
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What you need to know

  • Linktree released its new mobile app on July 12th.
  • The app is designed to provide creators with an easier experience while on the move.
  • Creators can manage revenue, link songs, and gauge their success via the analytics page.

Linktree has launched its new mobile app. The new app is a part of Linktree's commitment to placing "creators and communities at the heart of its rebrand."

Linketree has seen the enjoyment and tools its platform can bring to creators. Through the data, the company has found that the majority of its twenty-five million users engage with the company on a mobile device. With this being in the back of its mind, Linktree proceeded with creating a fresh mobile app for Android and iOS devices available now.

Linktree's press release says the new app, "is designed to make it easier than ever to create, curate and share on the go." As always, an individual or a business can create a Linktree. Via the app, creators can add and manage their links, customize their page, and view analytics.

The new app expands on Linktree's efforts to be a platform that individuals or companies can use to grow. With an emphasis on using the app "on the go," Linktree has made it easier to share content. The company has included ways for users to embed Spotify song links or YouTube content. There is also a way for creators to connect every social networking account they have in one location. Compiling links in one specific area ensures fans can see everywhere a person is active and can subscribe to what they choose.

The New Linktree Mobile App

(Image credit: Linktree)

Linktree also has a monetization aspect to their mobile app. Creators can begin linking people to their products or services to generate revenue. Through the app, creators can collect tips, donations, and even leads from their fans/followers. But everything that a person or company can do from within the app is data - information. Linktree's app allows you to take a look at your analytics. This page will show a creator how much traffic they've received, revenue earned, and understand who their followers are from a single page.

CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Zaccaria, spoke about the new app saying, "We are thrilled to launch the Linktree mobile app as we continue to broaden the link-in-bio category we created, ultimately offering creators new ways to link everything they are, anywhere they are. Linktree users will be able to set up and manage their profiles on the go, all from their mobile devices - essentially making processes faster and easier for busy individuals so they can focus more time on creating content, and doing what they do best. The Linktree app is the latest update that speaks to the ever-evolving needs of our users.”

A mobile app launch like this is another building block for Linktree's rebranding. It also goes together with their recently announced Marketplace and New Web3 features which includes an NFT gallery.

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