Google Maps' latest test lets you see where you can enter a building

Viewing Google Maps on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's smaller cover screen
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What you need to know

  • Google has started a test involving building entrance icons in Maps for a select few users and places.
  • When zoomed in, users should see small green icons when an "enter" symbol for buildings in Maps.
  • In this test, selected buildings are appearing in a reddish hue, similar to how Maps currently displays hospitals.

It appears that a few users have gotten in Google's latest test in Maps, which involves showing entrances for establishments.

According to Android Police, Google Maps has launched a new test that involves showing indicators for building entrances. The discovery was made during the app's latest update, version 11.17.0101, and the icons are seemingly only visible when zoomed in close to a building. Building entrances appear as small circular icons with a green "enter" symbol in the center.

Testing was a mixed bag as it was conducted for establishments such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, doctors' offices, and supermarkets. Some buildings showed the icons, while others didn't. This likely indicates that Google is still relatively early in its development process for the feature.

The publication adds that the icons have also only appeared on maps when looking at New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Berlin, Germany.

It was also discovered that Maps' entrance icons were misplaced a bit for certain buildings, as well. The issue has seemingly occurred more often for larger buildings than smaller ones.

Google's latest test in Maps is stated to include a color change for buildings when selected. When tapping the name of a business or building, Maps will switch its color from a cream color to a reddish hue. Currently, Maps displays hospitals with a reddish hue for easy discovery when glancing over larger distances.

It's unclear when Google will roll out Maps' new building entrance indicators. However, there is more work to be done before it arrives in a stable form for all users.

As Google tests a new way to make navigating a city easier, it recently rolled out "glanceable directions" for your device's lock screen. The feature rolled out for Android and iOS, allowing everyone to see a blue arrow (when enabled) detailing where you need to go next on your route. Google is said to offer additional information in the form of a message bubble while you're traveling.

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