Gmail's new chat-style reply box starts arriving on Android

Gmail in light mode on Pixel 6 Pro
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What you need to know

  • Google is starting to roll out its new chat-style-like reply box for Gmail users on Android in version 2024.01.14.599541078.
  • The new reply field permanently replaces the old static reply, reply all, and forward options by tucking them into a small expandable menu.
  • Gmail has recently picked up new emoji reactions with a leak showing voice functionality is on the way for the "Help me write" AI prompt.

Google's new way of letting users reply to emails seems to be arriving for more Android devices.

As spotted by AssembleDeBug on X, Gmail has started receiving its new chat-style-like reply box (via Android Police). The update is seemingly arriving with update version 2024.01.14.599541078 via the Play Store. The new UI does away with Gmail's current row of options to reply, reply all, and forward.

Taking center stage now is a reply box that echoes your typical messaging space in Google Messages. However, there is an option to tap the "reply" icon, which opens a small menu. It's there that users will find the previous static options to reply to all parties or forward the message.

Users can expand the box if they need some extra breathing room, as well. Moreover, the far left hosts the attachment button with the send button and emoji submenu featured to the right. This new reply box should persistently remain at the bottom of your display, allowing users to reply quickly whenever they see fit.

The update should start becoming available as the week progresses. Users on X have reported to have received the update, alongside others in India.

Gmail's new reply box was spotted in November 2023, but it is in a testing capacity. Evidently, Google was trying to produce more of an instant messaging feel in Gmail with the change. Additionally, it appears that this new chat-style reply box has become the new default for the application.

Google has been bringing in smaller refinements to Gmail for a while, with the app gaining emoji reactions on Android in October. Tapping the smiley face opens a quick row of possible choices with the "+" icon opening the full breadth of available emojis. Users can also "undo" a sent emoji if they realize the error within the first 30 seconds of sending it.

Elsewhere, it seems Gmail's AI helper is in line to receive some upgrades as a leak shows Google may bring voice functionality. Using the "Help me write" option on Android may let users verbalize their email prompt to the AI helper, producing the results directly above in the messaging space.

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