Chrome on Android preps a feature to help you manage all those tabs

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What you need to know

  • The code for Google Chrome on Android highlights a new "tab declutter" feature.
  • The browser would automatically archive tabs that users have not used for a lengthy period and place them in an "editor" for rediscovery.
  • Chrome's code also showed signs of the browsing preparing to offer suggestions to users whenever tabs have gone untouched to boost its performance.

Google Chrome on Android was spotted working on a new decluttering feature that may help users get a handle on their abundance of tabs.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the company is working on a new "tab declutter" feature, as referenced in its Chromium code. The feature's early description reads, "enables auto-archival and deletion of inactive tabs." Its latest approach to tab management appears to archive tabs that have gone unused for an extensive period.

Development shows that Google is working on a way for users to view those old, archived tabs, as well. Engaging with the list provides options to "restore" or permanently delete any of the old tabs.

Another string of code suggests users will find a "Tab declutter message card." The card stated it would provide quick information on how many tabs Chrome has archived before entering the editor.

More strings highlight Chrome's coming ability to suggest that users close tabs that "haven't been used lately." The default Android browser will also state how many tabs it feels users should close. The code doesn't state how long open tabs should persist before Chrome begins archiving or suggesting their removal.

As 9to5 noted, clearing an excessive number of tabs would free up your device when using the browser and help Chrome run more efficiently.

For now, the feature doesn't look ready enough for a stable launch. It's currently speculated that Google could roll out "tab declutter" in Chrome 125, which is expected in May. However, its development can always be a hiccup, so it's only a theory at the moment.

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This feature for Android Chrome users follows a similar approach Google started for desktops through "tab organization." Available via Chrome M121, Chrome for computers delivered an AI-powered tool that would let AI do the heavy lifting for users as it groups similar tabs.

Users can find previews of their similarly grouped tabs as a bonus when removing unnecessary links and other customization options.

Elsewhere, Google started testing a new, convenient way for Android users to clear their browsing history. A new floating shortcut menu was discovered in Chrome's latest beta, which came outfitted with more granular toggles and various filters so users can decide how much history they'd like to remove.

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    I already been using this nifty feature to keep track. It's called bookmarks, perhaps y'all have heard of the concept?