Android Around The World -- HTC Magic, Samsung Galaxy News

This is an Android news roundup for our international readers. If you live in the US of A this doesn't apply to you because T-Mobile has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the HTC Magic or Samsung Galaxy. Yeah, the rest of the world gets to enjoy multiple Android devices while we just get to sit on the sidelines. Bummer.

HTC Magic

The Netherlands is receiving the HTC Magic exclusively from Vodafone for free with qualifying voice+data plan. Poland is also receiving the HTC Magic via Orange Poland.

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy (formerly known as the I7500) is reportedly going to launch for European Markets in June. Yeah, we know that's this month but Telefonica O2 Germany has confirmed a mid-June launch so we're expecting many other European carriers to follow suit.

Android Market

Paid applications have gone live in the land down under aka Australia.


Casey Chan