Android App Review: SiMi Folder Widget Pro

I never really got behind folders on Android. They're ugly, clunky, remind me of using Windows (and if I wanted Windows on my phone, I'd be using Windows Phone), and they add an extra screen press to access what you want. In my time as an Android user, never used 'em.

Widgets, on the other hand, I love. They drain my battery really quickly show me information without forcing me to open an app, give me quick access to my favorite contacts, and can do a lot to spruce up the look of your phone.

When I heard about the unholy union innovative combination of folder and widget, I had to check it out. Fortunately, I already use the SiMi clock widget, so I had faith in this new fwidget.

On its face, SiMi Folder Widget does exactly what its name implies. It creates a widget that you can put apps (or contacts, bookmarks, or shortcuts) in. The beauty of the SiMi Folder Widget is that instead of an additional popup window (you know, opening the folder), the widget has an attractive mini-app drawer popup that gives you immediate access to all your stuff.

Creating your folders is easy, but not altogether intuitive. Coming from the widget frame of mind, I thought you added a widget, then put all your apps in it. Turns out, you open the app, make a folder, then you can put a widget out.

Once you've opened the app, there's a whole bunch of buttons to work with. The most-used one will probably be Folders, since that's how you actually make your folders.

Once you've gone into the folders submenu, there's an option to add a folder. This is where most of the magic happens.

You can name your folder, choose what kind of folder it should be, and also mess with the widget and launcher settings. Widget settings are straightforward enough. They let you change the icon, size of the icon and layout, text color and size, and background color.

Launcher options are how the widget will actually display your folder as a popup deal. You can pick between vertical and horizontal (pro tip: if you want multiple rows, choose vertical), if you want the titles to show, and also lets you pick the size and width of the icons.

There's also two launcher styles (iPhone and custom), and if you choose custom, you can fiddle with the background color, frame color, arrow color, and text color.

SiMi Folder Pro is $2.07, but there's also a fully featured free version, too. For anyone who wants to clean up their screens and look stylish while doing it, we've got more pictures and download links after the break.

  • Just started using this when I got my Sg2, extremely useful app.
  • I've been using SiMi Folder for about 9 months now. I can't even imagine not having it now!
  • So it is basically an uglier and apperently less user friendly knock off of folder organizer... with less features such as placing user selected apps in the notification bar.
  • Folder Organizer actually sucks if you have a lot of apps. If you put too many shortcuts in the folder and it has the scroll, scrolling is slow as SH!T and choppy as H3LL. I have yet to find a good folder system for Android.
  • Must be your device. I have 190 apps on my phone (HTC mytouch 4g) and have very smooth scrolling with folder organizer.
  • Folder Organizer crashes on Honeycomb. Let's see how this works on tablets.
  • I think it's safe to say I have more apps installed than most people using Android on a phone these days.. at last count it was up over 350+ user apps per titanium backup. I've used Folder organizer from day 1 (back when it was abcfolders). It is NOT slow at all on my HTC EVO 4G. I have folders in folders, and some of them have over 40 shortcuts in them. Scroll is nice and responsive. The only 'gripe' I'd say is that the initial 'opening' of a folder is directly dependent on how many items you have in it, so for me a few folders take about 1/2 a second to come up. Once open however I've never experienced the slow scrolling. I'm also using it just fine on my Asus Transformer, which is running Gingerbread (though it's the Revolver custom ROM version), I've not seen a crash once yet. (Though I have seen Launcher Pro crash a lot, maybe related?) Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents out there... As for this app reviewed here.. never tried it, but I agree it looks like a 'smaller' version feature wise vs Folder Organizer. Maybe it performs better who knows, but Folder Organizer is great for my needs at present.
  • Been using it on my acer iconia for 2 weeks, hasn't crashed yet :)
  • BAH! I find that SiMi Folder is much more difficult to use, and with a lot less features and customization than Application Folder (a free app) offers. I tried (and paid for Folder Organizer - mentioned above) but found the free Application Folder app to be even easier to use.
  • Man, so much non-love for simi folder. I love it. Very simple, and elegant display of folders. I have two issues with it though: 1) on a qHD screen, it doesn't seem to line up properly when used in combination with simi clock and 2) simi folder pro doesn't work with simi clock pro for me, keeps crashing when trying to define a folder. EVO 3D here.
  • Screenshots are from an EVO 3D.
  • Does anyone know where he got that clock widget from?
  • It's SiMi Clock Widget.
  • Amazonia application folder is much better and can still be used with simi clock... Believe me.... If yall wanna do a review... Look up application folder from the amazon market. The problem version was free a while back but it's definitely worth it
  • I'm using SiMi Folder and SiMi clock in the first screenshot. What issues are people having, using them in conjunction?
  • You're right! I can put as many icons as I want into a folder and it scrolls fast and smooth like the stock app drawer. Thanks! Best $1.50 I ever spent!
  • Can't wait for tablet support! I've been enjoying the ease of ADW folders. Drop apps in and customizable icon. Can't resize though.
  • +1 on Folder Organizer. Does everything you describe above, does it more easily and appears to be more flexible. Been using it for over two years now. It just works!
  • does any one here know if its possible to have you post relies emailed to you ?
  • I like Apps Organizer by Fabio Collini. Simple and useful.
  • So how many taps does it take to get to a specific application? Regular folders take one additional tap, and adding an application to a folder is simply a drop. And nothing needs to be running to use them. This seems like a complex solution to a nonexistent problem.
  • Yeah, they look a little better graphically but it seemed completely pointless to me too when I tried it out a year ago... I have no need for folders anyway, I use four home screens and ADW's custom app drawer categories. That's what's great about Android tho, freedom of choice to tweak to your heart's content.
  • can you make folder widgets transparent?
  • You can. That's what I do.
  • How do i make simi folder widgets transparent?
  • It's nice, but it will be obsolete after ICS, the way folders are handled natively seems to have improved quite a bit.
  • See u borrowed the app thing from Apple. Weird. But they did get notifications from u and made it better. Love u both. Now play nice.
  • Yo where did you get that awesome ass background?
  • i need that domo wallpaper asap!
  • I used to have Folder Organizer but after each Flashing Each ROM I had to reorganize all my apps again. I gave SIMI a try but in my opinion it was not easy and intuitive. I gave up and as a developer, created InstaDock; now I can create backup of my folders and recover my installed apps from the market each time I flash a new ROM.
  • You madea very nice app, i prefer the look of SiMi but yours works well too
  • contact photos not showing up in folders, any tips?