Android App Review: Seven+ Calculator

Continuing our line of Windows Phone-inspired apps, we find ourselves looking at Seven+ Calculator. A calculator is a funny thing, because it's one of those apps we never think to download, it comes preinstalled on our phones, and at one point or another, we're going to need it.

While the typical calculator apps are basic in function (and Seven+ Calculator doesn't deviate from this model), Seven+ at least has a bit more slickness and cleanness to it's look.

When you first open Seven+ Calculator, you're greeted by not only the calculator, but the settings menu, too. The settings menu doesn't have much (three options), but it's nice to have this all provided upfront, so you don't have to go digging later to change something you don't like that was enabled by default.

Other than that, the only truly notable and unique function is the history option. It looks like a little book when you press the menu button, and when you press it you're taken to a list of all the recent equations you've done. Is it necessary? Probably not, but it's still cool to see.

The last option you can mess with is the color of accented keys (like the equals sign). By default, orange is picked, but there's a semi-long list built into the app, so you'll be sure to find a shade of something you enjoy.

Overall, Seven+ Calculator is pretty neat. Sure, it's just a calculator replacement, but I still think it's much nicer looking than the default Android one. Maybe that sound blasphemous, but it's how I feel. A final tidbit I should leave you with is that the app only goes by "Calculator," so if you install it, you'll have two apps with the same name. I appreciate that, because now I can uninstall the default one and not have to go scrolling down to the "S" section to open this up. Bravo.

Seven+ Calculator is free, although there is a donate version in the Market for 99 cents.

Download links and more pictures are after the break.

  • looks cool, but when it comes to daily use I prefer Andy-83. Something about a fully functioning TI-83 for free gets me pumped.
  • I use Andy-86, but none are available in the Market anymore because of an injunction that the developer received from Texas Instruments. Now he only has this app that is a TI-8X emulator & requires a ROM from your calculator to work.
  • I use RealCalc Scientific Calculator and switch it to RPN mode.
  • Boobies!
  • Fail! It should be 5,318,008. Because you would turn it upside-down.
  • You should link to the free version. I saw the price tag without reading all of the article and I instantly closed out the window.
  • Boobies. Well played, Mr. Munoz, well played.
  • If it doesn't add any actual calculating functionality over the default/stock app, I fail to see the point of installing it.
  • I would have to agree. I understand that the UI of this is different than the stock calculator, but a basic calculator is a basic calculator regardless of how it looks.
  • I use "realcalc" daily as well as "fractional calculator" when checking kids homework. Best calculators I've found.
  • I think the only thing I miss from the stock calculator is memory functions. I always wondered why it didn't have memory options.
  • I doubt most people are using rooted phones, so most cannot uninstall the default calculator app (the article implies it would be easy to uninstall the default app).
  • Sorry. I made it a point to use "I" and not "you" there.
  • RealCalc >>> this
  • Droid48 ftw. Of course you have to be smart enough to understand rpn, but if you can it's considerably faster.