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Here's one that should be a little simpler than it is. In a basic e-mail in the most recent version of the gmail app, the options to reply all and forward e-mails are somewhat hidden. You've got top-level access to star an e-mail (which we find ourselves accidentally hitting far too often) or to replay to the original sender.

To reply to everyone in the e-mail, or to forward the e-mail, you'll need to first hit the little triangle button that we've highlighted above. Then you'll have options to reply all or forward.

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Android 101: How to forward or reply all in gmail


This ranks right up there with it. Why the hell can't we pinch/ zoom open gmail yet? Ever try to scan a coupon at default size?

yeah that was annoying how hard it was to find that. I remember spending like 20-30 mins once trying to figure out how to do it.

What I find annoying is when I do perform a reply all from my phone it always creates a new RE: in the subject line. The email subject reads: RE:RE:RE: then the subject name.

Any fix for this?